A fish meal machine is used for the preparation of meals from fish. This food product is obtained by drying the raw material to a low moisture level. This step helps avoid the growth of mold and bacteria. The rotor in a fish meal machine is constructed with special grinding plates fixed inside a housing.

The process involves forcing the material through screens. Air is used to cool the material. The hammers in a fish meal mill are removable.

The main part of a fish meal machine is the heating system. Steam is usually used for the process. But you may also choose heat transfer oil for your fish meal plant. It is a great alternative to steam.

The heat transfer oil system supplies heat to the stewing, drying, and cooking machines.

The end product is crushed using this system. You can also use this machine for dewatering.

You can select the type of steam that suits your business best.

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A fish meal machine can be used to process both small and large raw materials. The process starts with cutting the big raw materials into small pieces.

Once the pieces are small enough, the fish meal is ready to be milled. The finished product is safe for animals and can be stored for a long time.

A fish meal machine can help in many ways. It can increase curing efficiency and save a lot of time and money. It is the best option for making quality fish feed.

A fish meal dryer machine is designed to dry the solid materials. It is fully enclosed and equipped with a dust collector.

Once the fish residue is ground, it needs to be dried to make it more dry. This process is called “presscake.” The presscake is then cooled with high-temperature boiler steam.

The steam from the boiler enters the fish meal dryer through pipes. The machine is equipped with thermometers and a pressure display.

A fish meal machine is equipped with a rotor and jacket that are heated by the steam. A high-quality machine will help to ensure a high quality product.

It is suitable for both home and commercial use. With a high capacity, a fish meal machine can handle up to 80T a day.

A low-cost fish meal machine will also save you a lot of money. And the lower price of the machine is crucial.

The fish meal machine is available in several configurations. The compact version is an ideal choice for home-based use.

It features a small-scale cooker and a high-quality airless dryer. It is also equipped with air deodorizers.

The compact version is similar to a full-scale production line. The compact unit will be used for the drying of the fish meal.

The fish meal manufacturer will provide the customer with the necessary equipment for packaging the product.

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The continuous fish meal machine has two basic types: a batch press and a continuous press. A batch press produces smaller quantities than a continuous press.

A single-stage agitator has a lower temperature than a batch press, which makes it ideal for a small scale operation.

A double-stage system will process the fish meal faster. The second type is a rotary one. Its advantages include a high-quality food-grade, space-saving, and low-noise feature.

The fish meal machine is made of high-quality SUS-304 stainless steel. Its design ensures the durability of fish meal and a minimum amount of pollution.

It can also be combined with a dust collector. Its low-priced and space-saving structure makes it an excellent choice for processing fish meal.

The low-priced model can be used for home use or for commercial purposes. A typical plant can process up to two tons of fish per day.


A fish meal machine can be built into a unit or may be packaged. These machines can process up to 60 t of raw material per day, and can vary in size.

Typically, they are built with a separate oil separator and evaporator. Some fish meal plants are packaged, while others are compact.

It is important to check the capacity of your fish meal machine before making any purchases.

When considering your choices, it is important to consider the size and construction of the plant.

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