In a nutshell, industrial pasta equipment is powerful, complete and reliable. They can be installed in an automatic line and feature double bowls, removable mixing trees, inverter scroll speeds, head cooling and cutting capabilities.

Depending on the configuration, you can even purchase a refrigerator to store your finished pasta.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, some industrial pasta machines include an oven for storing finished products.

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GEA is a leader in the manufacture of fresh pasta and offers turnkey tailor-made solutions for entire production lines.

Its machinery covers the entire process from bringing the product into heated water to sealing and separating it.

Its systems also include the cleaning of moulds and extrusion moulds.

You can also find other industrial equipment and machinery for your pasta processing needs, such as cutting systems and extrusion moulds.

This single-tier dryer expresses the full potential of TAS technology.

Pasta is pre-dried before sending it to the dryer, ensuring the right humidity percentage and organoleptic properties.

The mixing paddles are lowered to a very low temperature, preventing mechanical stress to the gluten matrix.

In addition, the slow rotation of the mixing paddles helps maintain the elasticity of the pasta.

GEA offers single and multiple spreaders with varying lengths and sticks.

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Wohl Associates, a supplier of used food processing and packaging equipment, recently took delivery of Toresani used industrial pasta equipment.

The company’s inventory includes a wide selection of pasta machines, including continuous and batch models.

The company’s selection includes a hopper with a top-mounted auger and a stainless-steel cabinet.

The company also offers used pasta-making equipment from other brands, including La Parmagiana and Toresani.

Wohl Associates sells a variety of food processing equipment at competitive prices, including Toresani used industrial pasta machines.

Several of these pasta-making machines are available for sale, including the CISF-300A Pasta Sheeter and MT265-A Gnocchi Maker.

In addition to cutting and sheeting, the machines also feature dies for fettuccine, linguini, pappardelle, and lasagna sheets.

La Parmagiana

The first thing that you must know about a La Parmigiana pasta machine is that it is dishwasher safe.

To maintain its high quality, it is necessary to store it in an appropriate place and change its dies at least twice daily.

It is built to comply with the EEC Machine Directives and is affixes the CE marking on its casing.

A La Parmigiana machine is easy to maintain, but it is important to clean it properly and avoid any spills.

If you are looking for a quality industrial pasta machine, you can purchase it from Wohl Associates, a company that specializes in refurbished and used food processing and packaging machinery.

Wohl Associates recently took delivery of used industrial pasta machinery from Toresani and other manufacturers.

Their inventory includes pasta machines, sheeters, and mixers. It even includes equipment for making tortelloni and gnocchi.

If you’re looking to purchase a La Parmagiana machine, you’ll find it at a great price!

Locher Electric Pasta Cooker

The Locher Electric Pasta Cooker is a high-performance unit that can produce large quantities of fresh or dried pasta.

It features a high-output infrared heating system, two GN 1/2 stainless steel basket suppots, and a stepless temperature control.

It also has a washing machine and water supply. The GN 1/1 also has an integrated starch removal zone and a control panel that has easy access to all the features.

Made of heavy-duty steel, this Italian-made machine is capable of churning out sheets as thick as 10mm.

The hand crank and clamp allow for fine adjustment of the pasta’s thickness and consistency.

It comes with a stainless steel cleaning brush and recipe book. All parts are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean.

Using this machine will allow you to enjoy delicious homemade pasta without having to spend hundreds of dollars on new machines.


For commercial use, ITALGI produces a wide variety of industrial pasta machines for all kinds of businesses.

Pasta machines by ITALGI can be used for making various shapes of pasta, including penne, gnocchi, ravioli, and sheet pasta.

Pasta machines by ITALGI also feature pasteurizers and are designed to create twisted or dragged shapes.

Moreover, the P35A pasta machine is easy to use with its robust mechanics and compact electronic panel.

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