To use a tumbler, you just pour the dry ingredients into a container and stir. Once the ingredients are combined, add the flavored water and shake to combine. Then, use a spoon to stir the mixture and add the desired amount of salt and pepper.

It takes just a few minutes for the flavored water to dissolve completely. To ensure even coating, pour in a cupful of ice cream and cover with a lid.

rotary seasoning machine (2)

When using a tumbler to cook meat, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

The best way to make the process more efficient is to use a product with two speed motors.

You should also use a vacuum hose for easier mixing. 

Then, attach the hose to the top of the tumbler and use the nozzle to set the vacuum level.

Once the ice is frozen, place the meat into the drum and press the button to seal.

application of rotary seasoning machine

Tumbler mix seasoning can be used to spice up any dish. Tumbler mixes can be made with all types of ingredients, as well as a wide variety of spices.

For the best results, make sure to use a perforated drum to catch any fines. 

package of rotary seasoning machine

This is an important step to ensure that the finished product is as flavorful as possible.

The perforated drum will help remove chaff and small fines, as well as any remaining particles.

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