The stainless steel belt dryer is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment. This equipment is suitable for the drying of particles, strips and herbal medicine with a high water content. The material feeder is used to evenly distribute the materials on the mesh-belt.

It is a good choice for drying food and other materials with high moisture content. The following are the features of this equipment.

The advantages of stainless steel belt dryers include high evaporating capacity, uniform drying area, low energy consumption and good product quality.

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The stainless steel belts are suitable for high-temperature drying, and have a long service life. The stainless steel belts are resistant to high temperatures, and can be used to dry materials with high moisture content.

The CX-PSS SBD is available with a 3.0 metre belt width and 168 kW/m2 array power. The stainless steel belt is easy to clean and maintain, and the machine is automated, so temperature and humidity can be controlled according to the needs of the production.

Belt dryers are highly flexible. They are ideal for drying granular products in high-temperature environments. The drying time is determined by the speed of the conveyor belt, which is typically a continuous convective dryer.

This equipment can be equipped with hooks for dangling the products. It is also suitable for drying sliced fruits and vegetables. The efficiency of this machine is high, so it is a smart choice for many companies.

The stainless steel belt is highly durable, and the hot air is directed through the materials in a radial pattern. This process dehydrates the materials from the inside and guarantees the quality of the finished product.

Depending on the type of material and the amount of material, this equipment can also be configured to meet specific requirements. The heating and cooling process can be customized for different materials.

The air intake and temperature are adjustable, and the dryer can be customized to the specific application.

A steel belt dryer is an efficient and environmentally friendly appliance. The stainless steel material can be a good alternative for other types of industrial drying equipment. This dryer is environment-friendly, and is energy-efficient.

It can be custom made to suit the specifications of the client. It can also be customized for different products, like woodchip or paper.

Its low-energy consumption and low-maintenance design allows it to be easily transportable and store.

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The stainless steel belt dryer is an efficient drying equipment. The heating element can achieve up to 60 kWh/m2 of product surface area. The temperature of the metal belt dryer is also adjustable.

Its adjustable height makes it easy to use. The hood is fitted in the center of the unit, while the sides of the machine are sealed on the back side wall. Aside from that, it is also useful for removing moisture from textiles.

A stainless steel belt dryer can dry any type of material. Its design allows for different materials and speeds. In addition, it can accommodate unique shapes and sizes, making it a versatile device.

The typical steel-belt dryers have a nominal aperture of 200 microns. The two-piece system comprises the drive pulley and the tracking roller.

The latter is mounted on spherical bearings and is driven by a tail pulley.

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Depending on the product, a steel belt dryer can use different sources of energy. For example, wastewater can be used to power the dryer.

The exhaust heat from power plants is a common source of energy. The HUBER stainless steel belt flaker is 6.5-foot wide and has (2) 12′ cooling sections.

Its diameter is 7.5 feet. The machine is 43′ long and has a stainless steel finger breaker shaft with 26 3/4-inch-thick fingers.

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