The global hopper dryer market is segmented into three segments, less than 100 kilograms (kg) and more than 500 kilograms (kg). The lower-weight KG segment is expected to witness a moderate growth rate in the next few years, while the larger-sized KG segment is projected to see a substantial growth rate.

The two major segments of the market are more or less equal in size and are commonly used on injection molding machines and blow molding machines.

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Hopper dryers are generally used for drying thermoplastic granules. Using hot air, they can achieve temperatures of 225-300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main drawback of hopper dryers is the high initial cost, but energy-efficiency and increased attention to energy efficiency are driving the market’s growth.

In addition, hopper dryers can reduce drying time by 30%. However, there are a few drawbacks to hopper-drying machines. The initial cost of hopper-dryers is high, and the devices require robust materials.

Hopper dryer manufacturers focus on durability, safety, and flexibility. Their products are known for being effective in drying engineering plastics, and they adopt a down-blowing hot air design to evenly disperse the hot air throughout the hopper.

The hoppers are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination, and they offer many useful features, such as an airtight material cleaning door.

Furthermore, their machines are easy to maintain and can be used for processing large quantities of plastics.

A hopper dryer manufacturer must understand that resin pellets must be dried before they are melted. If they are not adequately dried, they may result in unacceptable levels of moisture in the finished product.

A hopper dryer can be effective in removing moisture from resin pellets. It is also an effective way to remove excess moisture from the raw materials.

It should be noted that manufacturers in China offer a wide range of products and services at low costs.

The hopper dryers are a versatile machine that can be used to dry many types of plastic materials. They are also an excellent option when drying hygroscopic materials.

Because they are designed to dry directly at the machine throat, they eliminate the possibility of contamination and re-absorption of moisture.

They are also ideal for storing and drying large amounts of plastic. They can be used to dry a wide variety of different materials.

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Choosing the right hopper dryer depends on the size of the material to be dried. Those with a smaller capacity can use manual loading.

Those with larger jobs will benefit from auto loaders. But auto loaders are not always practical and only suitable for small-scale jobs.

If you want a large hopper, consider a preheater with an air cooler. It will prevent condensation from forming in the plastic material.

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The PNAD Conical Mixer Dryer is a vertical hopper with a welded jacket and an integrated dimple plate.

This type of hopper is ideal for the plastics industry because of its low maintenance requirements and minimal heat generation.

A PNAD Conical Mixer Dryer has a dimple plate and ASME/PED certified pressurized jacket. The PerMix PNAD Series Conical Mixer has a wide range of uses, including gentle mixing and drying.

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