Looking for chocolate machine information? This article will explore the various types available from Sollich KG, a German company. Sollich KG is the largest provider of chocolate machines in the world. It offers an extensive line of machines, which serve several different purposes.

For instance, it offers a variety of machines that allow you to create different types of chocolate products.

Likewise, it offers a wide variety of prices, making it easy for you to find the right machine for your needs.

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Sollich KG is the world’s leading supplier of chocolate machines

With its rich history and 100 years of experience, the Sollich KG is a leading manufacturer of confectionery machinery.

The exhibit reflects the company’s 100th anniversary and highlights the company’s focus on customer-driven product development and high availability.

The exhibit features two Conbar systems for producing different types of candy and cereal bars.

The Sollcofill/Sollcocap depositing line allows users to deposit different types of fillings and inclusions, guaranteeing top-quality sandwiched products.

The company was founded in 1920 by Robert Sollich, a confectionery engineer from Ratibor, Upper Silesia.

In the following decade, he invented the first vacuum sugar machine and patented a starch-free moulding system for soft candy.

In the 1950s, he relocated the company to Bad Salzuflen, where he began to manufacture chocolate machines.

In 1969, he succeeded his father and has become the world’s largest supplier of chocolate enrobing systems.

He later develops a coating system for confectioneries and makes it a top-notch choice for commercial chocolate makers.

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Sollich KG offers a wide variety of chocolate machines

Founded in 1928, SOLLICH KG is a German company that produces top-quality machinery for the food processing industry. Its machines are renowned for their ease of operation, low maintenance, and outstanding performance.

The SOLLICH KG brand offers equipment for bar making, chocolate finishing, and biscuit production.

Another brand, Apex Machinery and Equipment Co. Ltd., is a Chinese company that dominates the Asian market.

Apex is rapidly expanding in the global market and aims to grab as much as possible of the food processing equipment market.

The company’s flagship machine, the Enromat M6, has undergone several enhancements to meet the demands of modern chocolate processing businesses.

The company’s extensive product line allows it to satisfy a variety of customer requirements.

Several types of chocolate machines are available in the range from small batch to large-scale production, depending on the company’s preferences.

Moreover, the company’s short lead times make it easy for customers to order machines with the highest quality.

Sollich KG is a German company

The SOLLICH KG is a medium-sized engineering company located in Bad Salzuflen, Germany.

This company specializes in confectionery machinery and develops special machines for the chocolate industry.

Thomas Sollich is the company’s CEO, and the company employs more than 460 people.

Their range of products includes fully automatic chocolate enrobing systems, tempering systems, extruding systems, and cutting systems.

The company has a history spanning over a century, starting as a small enterprise that quickly grew into an industry leader.

Visitors will be able to see the company’s evolution and discover how the chocolate-making process has changed.

Their latest machines incorporate remote monitoring, automatic temperature adjustment, and automatic information exchange with machine operators.

To ensure that their machines are as efficient as possible, Sollich has made their machines self-diagnosing and serviceable.

Sollich KG manufactures chocolate machines

Sollich KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chocolate machinery.

The company started small but has grown to become an industry leader. In this exhibit, you’ll see how the company has grown over the last century.

From fully automatic coating systems to snack and baked goods packaging machines, Sollich has something for every chocolate maker.

In fact, the company has more chocolate machine parts than any other manufacturer, making it easy to find the right machine for any business.

The company has improved its remote maintenance system to enable closer communication with machine operators.

The system allows the company to optimize service features and reduce machine downtime.

The company will also introduce self-analysis of tempering machines, combined with automatic temperature adjustments.

This will ensure that the final product will be of the highest quality. At the same time, the company will provide its customers with more information on the company’s technology than other manufacturers.

Sollich KG manufactures chocolate machines in the United States

Whether you are a chocolatier, a candy manufacturer or a bakery, you can find a variety of machines for the confectionery industry from Sollich KG.

The company’s full line of machinery includes fully automatic coating and tempering machines, extruders and cooling tunnels, and more. You can find a variety of chocolate machines for every need at their Cologne, Germany, facility.

A visit to the Sollich KG booth at the NRA shows you the company’s 100-year-old history and how it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery machinery.

You can view their demonstrations and tour their full production facilities. You’ll learn how Sollich has been able to grow in the past century, and about the company’s high-quality execution and innovation power.


Sollich KG manufactures chocolate machines in Europe

One of the most well-known brands of chocolate machines is Sollich KG. Founded in 1898, this German company has evolved into an industry leader.

You can visit its exhibit at EuroCafe to learn about the company’s history and development over the past century.

The company’s products range from simple chocolate machines to complex ones for the production of different types of confectionery.

Their products are used by companies all over the world, from large chocolate producers to bakeries.

At the upcoming ProSweets trade fair in Cologne, Germany, the company will present several lines of chocolate equipment.

In addition to their TE line of chocolate tempering machines, the company will display their well-established “Turbotemper e” tempering system.

This process provides perfect tempering results, which means that your chocolate products will have the perfect shelf life and an attractive gloss.

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