When choosing a sesame seed washing machine, you should first consider the features that you are looking for. The machine should be easy to operate, low labor costs, and efficient in terms of energy and water consumption.

Once you’ve chosen the model that best meets your needs, you need to prepare a clean container with good air permeability.

Once this is done, the machine will begin the process of washing sesame seeds.

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MarkoomTech large model sesame hulling machine

The MarkoomTech sesame hulling machine is an ideal solution for small-scale sesame-hulling facilities.

It features an advanced design that eliminates traditional methods and reduces water consumption.

The machine also avoids the use of salt and chemicals, which preserve the natural characteristics of sesame.

The machine can be used by both small-scale producers and tahini-production facilities.

The large model sesame hulling machine has three applied cylinders, which act as a pre-peeling and hulling cylinder.

The second cylinder begins the friction technique, which is then continued in the third cylinder.

As a result, it delivers quality results. In addition, the machine is simple to maintain.

The machine requires very little space and is easy to operate.

The machine is designed to remove the husk from sesame seeds. Then it uses a patented, high-quality sieve to separate the seeds from the kernels.

The result is a smooth, white sesame that’s suitable for pancakes, cakes, and other pastry foods.

It can be used in sesame oil pressing plants, too. This machine is highly efficient and can help save labor costs.

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MarkoomTech sesame grinding machine

The MarkoomTech sesame grinding machine is designed to grind sesame seeds into tahini paste.

The machine uses two grinding stone discs – the rotor and stator – to grind sesame seeds.

The milling tools are interchangeable. The company has a few models of sesame grinding machines to suit your needs.

In addition to traditional models, they also make an automatic version of the same machine.

The machine is built with stainless steel and is suitable for grinding sesame seeds, peanut butter, chocolate, soy milk, and many other foods.

It is also multifunctional in the chemical industry. The mixer function makes it possible to create different flavored sesame tahini products.

The mill can also be used to produce different flavored sesame pastes.

The machine is suitable for food preparation, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

MarkoomTech sesame peeling machine

MarkoomTech sesame peeling machines are designed for all types of sesame peeling. Its special cylinders, CIP features, and advanced technology ensure perfect results.

The machine is simple to operate, too. Its three hulling stages include pre-peeling, hulling, and a third stage that involves friction. The result is perfect sesame peels every time.

The MarkoomTech sesame peeling machine consists of two cylinders: the primary one is for pre-hulling, and the last cylinder for intensive hulling.

The primary cylinder, which is connected vertically, hydrates sesame.

Water is blown into the cylinder to soften the sesame husk, while the last cylinder uses friction to hull the seeds.

The MarkoomTech sesame peeling machine is ideal for small-scale sesame hulling facilities as well as tahini production facilities.

The Sesame Peeling Machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a vertical structure to facilitate efficient skin removal.

This machine produces perfect sesame seeds with a minimal amount of effort.

The machine uses a reducer and composite agitator to effectively remove sesame skin. It also has a water supply pipe, which uses the relative friction of blenders to separate the seeds from the kernels.

MarkoomTech sesame oil extraction machine

The MarkoomTech sesame oil extraction machine uses modern technology for the effective processing of sesame seeds.

The machine uses a series of cylinders, the number of which is indifferent depending on the rate of production.

These cylinders are heated by steam, and the sesame is directly passed through the hot surface.

Massive roasting shafts with mixing arms are also included.

Apart from being highly efficient, this machine is also equipped with features that ensure a high degree of productivity.

This mini refinery system includes the process of cleaning, cooking, pressing, refining and filtering sesame oil.

It has a capacity of 1TPD. It also features deacification, degumming, color separation, and deodorization.

The oil extracted from sesame seeds is then stored in a large tank or bottled.

Once refined, the oil can be stored for further use.

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