1. What is a Roller Flavoring Machine

The roller flavoring machine is used for seasoning in the food production process. This equipment has an inclined seasoning drum, which automatically controls the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations on the production line.

Equipped with a screw powder feeding device, and stir autonomously while sprinkling the powder, so that the seasoning will not be deposited, bonded, or emptied due to different specific gravity, return to halogen, and formation.

Equipped with vibration dusting, uniform, and accurate quantification.

This product integrates electromagnetic, light control, electric control, and digital delay in one, with a high degree of automation.

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structure of octagonal seasoning machine
application of rotary seasoning machine

2. Application of Roller Flavoring Machine

It is used to season various fried and non-fried foods, such as potato chips, potato chips, snacks, popcorn, chicken, various meats, etc. The product of this mixer is hygienic and easy to clean.

3. Features of Roller Flavoring Machine

1. The cylinder body is a stainless steel cylinder design, which mixes materials in a forward direction, leaving no dead corners evenly, and discharging materials in a reverse direction, automatically sending the raw materials to the outside of the cylinder.

The feeding port is equipped with a feeding hopper, which is convenient for feeding.

2. Convenient operation, high output, spiral mixing material, adjustable mixing time, uniform mixing, automatic discharging.

3. This machine can also be equipped with an automatic dusting function, the inclination can be adjusted and can be used alone, or it can be used with a production line. It can season and mix different shapes of food.

4. This machine is the mechanical equipment for mixing food seasoning, food flavoring, and food dressing.

It is widely used in puffed food seasonings, fresh food seasonings, and other processes.

5. This machine can make the material stir evenly, without bubbles, and has good elasticity. It is the equipment among similar products.

6. Using programmable controller and touch screen control, set the total mixing time, intermittent time, and mixing program.

4. Structure of Roller Flavoring Machine

The equipment is composed of main parts such as bracket, roller, roller transmission system, dusting system, dusting transmission system, switchboard, etc.

5. Working Principle of Roller Flavoring Machine

When the material falls into the drum, it is driven by the stirring blade to move upwards, falls from above, and mixes with the seasoning powder.

During the working process, there is always seasoning in the dusting box. If the seasoning is found to be insufficient, add it in time.

6. Installation of Roller Flavoring Machine

1. All feet must be adjusted well during installation to ensure the stability of the machine.

2. The screws on the machine must be tightly connected.

3. When the equipment is in use, the drum speed should be adjusted. After the speed is moderate, the knob of the inverter does not need to be adjusted.

4. During debugging, the inverter should be accelerated from the slowest, and it is strictly forbidden to increase the speed at a time.

features of rotary seasoning machine

7. Operating Steps of Roller Flavoring Machine

1) Connect the equipment to the power supply, this equipment uses 220v power input, the output drum motor is: 380v, and the dusting motor is 220v

(2) Start the drum motor, the drum will slowly start to the normal speed. Start the dusting motor, and the dusting device starts to work.

(3) The raw materials that need to be stirred for seasoning are continuously fed into the seasoning machine with a conveyor or manually from the inlet end.

(4) Turn on the powder-spreading motor to make the seasoning spray evenly in the drum;

(5) Check all operating parts and work after confirming the normal operation.

(6) The speed is too high, you can turn the knob of the inverter to the left, and the speed can be slowed down. The minimum speed cannot be lower than 70% of the maximum speed.

(7) If the material moves forward in the drum too fast, the inclination of the drum can be reduced, and too slow can increase the inclination of the drum.

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Roller Flavoring Machine: The Definitive Guide

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Roller Flavoring Machine: The Definitive Guide