If you are in the market for a Rice Krispies Treat Machine, you have probably already heard about the CP-1F. This article will cover the benefits of this machine and its production line. But do you know which other models are available?

And which features should you look for in these machines?

This article will discuss the CP-1F Rice Krispies Treat Machine and the CS-10TWWA slicing machine.

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CP-1F Rice Krispies Treat Machine

When it comes to making rice krispies treats, an automated machine is definitely a must. These treats are delicious, and most people remember making them as children.

Some have even become professional bakers. Making great tasting treats on a budget is the key to making money today, and using an automatic machine is a great way to do it. Here are some reasons why it is worth getting.

One of the most popular ways to serve these treats is to put them on a tray or in a bowl. Kids love these treats, and they are the perfect snack.

Adding caramel or chocolate sauces is a great way to make a rice krispies sundae. Or, you can top a milkshake or a sundae with them. The possibilities are endless!

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CS-10TWWA slicing machine

There is no need to be an expert baker to make a tasty treat. All you need is an automatic slicing machine and some basic baking knowledge.

With the CS-10TWWA, the process is fully automatic.

With this machine, you will only need to set the tray onto the platform and press a few buttons.

The machine can slice two trays in a minute. That’s 120 trays per hour.


The FoodTools CS-10TWWA Rice Krispies Dessert Machine is a fully automatic slicing machine that will slice all of the delicious treats into individual bars or squares.

All that is required from the operator is to place the tray on the platform and push a few buttons. This machine can slice as many as 120 trays per hour.

This makes it a great choice for large bakeries or small businesses looking to make more than one treat per hour.

CS-10TWWA production line

The Rice Krispies Treat Machine CS-10TWA production line is an automated food machinery that makes it easy to create these tasty snacks.

The operator only needs to place a tray on the machine’s platform and press a few buttons to start the process.

The CS-10TWWA production line slices up to two trays per minute and produces approximately 120 trays an hour.

The machine is equipped with a feeding hopper, moulds, demolding, cooling fans, conveyor, and more.

The complete rice crispy production line includes a sugar boiler, material mixer, and flow wrapping machine.

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