A rice cake puffing machine has a few essential parts that help you produce delicious rice cakes. These parts include the base plate, ring, upper and lower platens, and an insulation block.

You can purchase the parts of the rice cake puffing machine separately or as a complete package.

To get a better idea of the parts, you can read our rice cake puffing machine buying guide.

Here are some of the top advantages of this machine.

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IR-microwave combination baking is an alternative processing technique

There are two main ingredients in a rice cake – the rice and the water. However, rice has certain characteristics that make it suitable for the preparation of a tasty rice cake.

The sticky type of rice is most suitable, as it does not expand as vigorously during cooking. Water must be added early in the preparation process.

The other ingredients include salt, sugar, oil, and other ingredients, which are essential to taste and nutrition.

The main advantage of IR-microwave combination baking is that it has a lower operating flux.

However, a lower TiO2/HA concentration results in severe membrane fouling and a denser cake layer.

The cake layer formation and net repulsion between particles depends on pH levels.

The cake layer control ability of IR-microwave combination baking is based on the principle of back-transport forces, and a lower TiO2 concentration results in a denser cake layer.

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Xanthan and guar gum blends are recommended for gluten-free rice cakes

A study by Turkish researchers in the Journal of Food Hydrocolloids demonstrated that xanthan and guar gum blends can effectively improve the structure of rice cakes.

Their results showed that rice cakes containing a xanthan and guar gum blend had higher volume index and specific volume, as well as higher porosity values.

However, there was a significant difference between the two methods of baking.

In the case of guar and xanthan gum blends, the cakes baked in an IR-MW combination oven had better porosity, while those baked in conventional ovens showed a greater weight loss and a higher crumb hardness.

The gelation enthalpy values of xanthan and guar gum blends were higher than those of the control cake formulation.

However, these results did not necessarily translate into a higher gelatinization index.

This suggests that xanthan and guar gum blends are recommended for gluten-free rice cakes.

However, if you are worried about the gluten-free quality of your rice cakes, you can use gelatin as a vegan alternative.

It is an excellent thickening agent and works well in a variety of baked goods, including rice cakes and cookies.

Breakage is eliminated from rice cake production

A rice cake puffing machine has a number of advantages. One of them is that breakage is eliminated from the process, which saves time and money.

Another advantage is that the machine eliminates labor-intensive quality control. Breakage means lost revenue.

Furthermore, the rice cakes are extremely durable, with a shelf life of more than a year. Once baked, rice cakes can be bagged easily.

Another advantage of using a rice cake puffing machine is its ability to produce thin and dense rice cakes.

These cakes are a popular snack among many consumers. The low-calorie content is also an added benefit.

The breakage rate is low because no binder is added to the mixture.

Also, a rice cake puffing machine eliminates the need for additional ingredients, including nuts or seeds.

Cost of production

A rice cake puffing machine is a simple, yet powerful piece of equipment that makes crispy and delicious rice cakes.

The main parts of this machine are the heating mold, the upper platen, the lower platen, the ring, and the base plate.

Each component works together to produce a delicious snack that has a distinctive flavor and crisp texture.

The cost of this equipment will vary depending on its features. Listed below are some of the main benefits of a rice cake puffing machine.

Rice cakes are popular as low-calorie snacks and are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

The manufacturing process is simple, but time-consuming and capital-intensive.

There is a real risk of a process going awry if you do not choose a high-quality machine.

In the end, the machine will pay for itself with minimal maintenance.

While the initial investment may seem high, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

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