Before you decide to buy a puffed rice cakes machine, consider the features, raw materials, operation, and cost of the various types. These four factors will help you make the best choice. Read on to learn more.

Below are the main factors you should consider before buying a puffed rice cake machine.

Before purchasing one, be sure to ask the manufacturer about the features and cost of the product.

After a thorough comparison of the different types, you will be well on your way to creating delicious, healthy, and affordable puffed rice cakes.

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Rice cake machines are usually equipped with a number of features to enhance the process of making puffed rice.

The machine is designed with three main parts – the mold, upper and lower platens, and a ring.

These parts are designed to press the rice and allow it to expand to fill the mold.

Once the rice is pressed, the machine quickly releases water vapor.

This vapor expands to a desired size, puffing the rice kernels.

Puffed rice cakes are crispy treats that are made using a special machine.

These machines are made of stainless steel and have a variety of features.

A typical line will feature a rice air flow puffing machine, a temperature-controlled non-stick mixer, an automatic molding machine, and a pillow type packing machine.

The finished product is approximately 80 cm in diameter and 0.6-1cm thick. The machine can also be designed to produce different sizes of puffed rice cakes.

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Raw materials

If you are looking for a puffed rice cake machine, it is important to consider the raw materials used. The machines use 9 or more moulds of a certain size and diameter.

The machine works by feeding these moulds with the desired amount of raw rice and moisture. The rice cake is then formed using the machine’s heating and cooling systems.

A major manufacturer will have 80 or more machines. Each machine will have from one to three cooking heads. Each cooking head produces a cake every 15 minutes.

Besides rice, other raw materials can also be used. Red beans, peanuts, or other nuts can also be used.

Then, the raw materials are added to boiling syrup to form the rice cake. The machine will then puff the raw materials through.

Aside from making a round cake, a puffed rice cake machine can also produce a square or round bar. It is also equipped with a pressurized roller and an enlarged crosscut motor.


The basic principle of a puffed rice cake machine is to produce crunchy, crisp candy by heating puffed grains under high pressure and temperature.

A puffed rice cake machine has three basic parts: a mold, a cooking pot, and an upper and lower platen.

The rice is poured into the machine through a feed port and heated until it reaches the set temperature.

At the end of the heating process, the upper platen is raised. The sudden release of water vapor causes the kernels to puff up.

The machine uses a small gear shaped motor and a protruding wheel to press the raw material and create the crispy rice cake.

It is fully automatic and features an anti-stick disposal. It makes the rice cake perfectly round, rectangular, or square.

Unlike hand-held frying machines, this machine is designed to produce the perfect size, shape, and fragrance of rice cakes every time.

The machine is made from food-grade stainless steel, and is equipped with a computer system to monitor the process.


If you are planning to start a puffed rice cakes production, you will need a puffed-rice cakes machine.

This type of equipment uses a mechanical energy to squeeze food, and the puffed rice cake machine is one of the best choices available.

It is perfect for processing rice, corn, beans, wheat, and so on. These machines are easy to clean, have a small footprint, and work well.

The basic parts of the machine are the insulating block, upper and lower platens, and ring.

The ring is the main part of the machine, while the bottom platen is a cooling mechanism.

These parts allow the rice cake to be automatically puffed. This process is governed by an automatic temperature control system.

A machine can maintain a temperature of 250 degrees. Unlike a human operator, the machine does not require a special skill to operate.

Suitable raw materials for puffed rice cakes machine

A puffed rice cake machine is used to make a snack with natural rice as its raw material.

Rice cake machines use water and steam to produce a uniform-colored snack.

They can produce up to 80 cakes per hour, depending on the machine’s settings.

Suitable raw materials for puffed rice cakes machine vary from the type of rice used to the moisture content.

A puffed rice cake machine uses natural rice as its raw material and can be used for making snacks of various sizes, shapes, and flavors.

The basic process for making a puffed rice cake involves adding water to rice flour.

Once mixed, the rice grains are rolled out into a thin sheet. A constant weight pressurizer then puffed them together.

Then, the resulting rice snacks are baked in a traditional oven.

Puffed rice cakes are a great treat for anyone looking to add a healthy twist to their diet.

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