A puffed rice cake making machine is a must have if you want to make a delicious snack! IR-microwave combination baking is a method used to create these delicious treats. Natural rice is the raw material used.

The IR-microwave combination baking process uses a mixture of heat and a special ingredient to create the perfect puffed rice cake.

The machine produces the perfect puffed rice cake every time!

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Extruded pellets produce puffed rice cake

Puffed rice cakes are made from pellets extruded from a variety of cereal grains. These pellets may include whole-grain components or selected grains with high-fiber bran portions.

Oil-rich cereal components are not allowed in the extrusion process, as these would prevent satisfactory expansion and maintain the desired texture.

For these reasons, the most effective extrusion process involves a minimum oil content of 3%.

The moisture content of the pellets was measured by a moisture analyzer from Precisa Gravimetrics AG in CH-Dietikon, Switzerland.

The puffed snacks were also evaluated by a panel of thirty graduate students from the Chung-Ang University, Korea.

The panel gave each puffed snack a five-grade point scale, with five points indicating a good snack and one point representing a bad snack.

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Natural rice is used as raw material

The two most important ingredients in a rice cake are rice and water. Sticky rice expands best. Long-grain rice is not as sticky and won’t expand as much during the preparation process.

The water should be added early, while the other ingredients are important to taste and nutrition.

Traditionally, only natural rice is used as the raw material for a puffed rice cake machine.

Natural rice is soaked in water for twelve to twenty-four hours before being put in a mold. The water content of the rice cake may range from twenty to forty percent.

A puffed rice cake machine will contain one to three cooking heads and will produce a rice cake every fifteen minutes.

This method requires less labor than baking bread or pastries. Natural rice is a great source of protein and fiber.

IR-microwave combination baking produces puffed rice cake

The results of IR-microwave combination baking were comparable with those obtained with conventional ovens. The results indicated that the combination oven produced high-quality soy cakes in a short period of time.

The researchers further recommended that this technique be used to make a variety of bread and cake products.

The results also demonstrated that the new combination oven is effective in the processing of rice cakes.

The researchers will be able to utilize it to produce a variety of products, including puffed rice cake.

In addition to the differences in oven performance, the infrared method has lower penetration depth and concentrates the radiation at the surface.

This allows for the desired surface temperature during browning. Other studies using the combination oven have produced similar results. Turabi et al. (2008) and Sevimli et al.(2005) also used this method.

These researchers achieved similar results as the results of the IR-microwave combination baking.

Processes for making puffed rice cake

The first step in making a puffed rice cake is to prepare the flour by pulverizing it to a fine powder.

It is then mixed with water to form a thin sheet. The sheet of flour is then aged at a low temperature to facilitate molding.

Puffed rice cake can be in various shapes and sizes. Afterward, the flour must be puffed using the appropriate process.

The next step involves pressing the grains together. A hot cylinder presses on a mini baking pan, increasing the heat inside the grains. The grains pop and interweave, forming a puffed rice cake.

A recipe is available online that will guide you through the process of making puffed rice at home.

Make sure that you don’t overcook the rice, otherwise it will end up being too crunchy.

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