A Puffed rice cake maker machine is a small-sized, electric cooking device that cooks the grains into crispy, puffed cakes. It uses a small gear-shaped motor and a temperature controller to control the baking process.

These tasty cakes are an excellent low-fat, low-heat snack food. They also help to lose weight.

This small-scale machine will pay for itself in a month’s time, with the profits being paid off even before the first day.

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IR-microwave combination baking

An IR-microwave combination baking machine for producing puffed rice cakes is a high-tech solution to the challenges that accompany the production of these popular snacks.

The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive and breaks down when the rice cake is too moist. The quality of the product depends on the moisture content and popping machine.

Ambient humidity can change the production, so it’s important to control the environment before the cake is produced.

The IR-microwave combination baking machine for puffed rice cake can handle a wide range of outputs.

This machine bakes puffed rice cake at high temperatures using an IR and microwave system. The result is a cake with a uniform, soft texture and uniform color.

The IR-microwave combination baking machine was shown to be an efficient alternative to the conventional method of steaming rice cakes.

The researchers noted that this technique improved the quality of the product, and is now widely used in commercial baking kitchens.

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Extruded pellets

When a consumer opens the lid of a puffed rice cake maker machine, the pop-up head opens and the cake gently falls onto the conveyor belt.

The rice cake is then popped by the machine and passed through spraying heads on either side.

Natural flavors are preferred by most consumers, and natural flavor options include strawberry, caramel, apple cinnamon, blueberry, almond, and salsa. Aside from natural flavors, some rice cake makers also offer private-label flavoring.

Once the cake has been popped, it passes through a tunnel dryer. In this stage, any moisture left over from the flavor sprayers is driven away from the cake.

To determine if the puffed rice cake maker is producing the right amount of extruded pellets, examine the size of the rice cakes that will result. The higher the number of pellets, the less air is pumped out of the product.

A smaller size results in a more uniform cake with a thinner crust. For larger rice cakes, adjust the number of pellets and the power of the halogen lamp to ensure even cooking.

Brown rice

A Brown rice puffed cake maker machine makes low-fat, high-calorie snacks for any occasion. This machine has several parts. The upper and lower platens, ring, and base plate are used to puffed rice.

Each part has its own role in the making of a rice cake. Once the machine has reached a certain temperature, the raw material is added and the machine starts working.

It takes about five minutes to puffed rice and it will rise into a round cake shape. This machine can even make rice crackers or rice crispies.

The rice cake maker works by opening and closing a cooking head. Once the rice cake is done cooking, it falls gently onto a conveyor belt where it is rolled and sprayed with flavors.

Natural flavors are the preferred choice for consumers, so some rice cake makers accept private label flavors.

The finished product passes through a tunnel dryer to drive off moisture from the flavor sprayers. Brown rice puffed cake maker machine


A puffed rice cake maker machine makes fluffy, delicious cakes that are great for a healthy and fast snack. The rice-cake maker uses a special process to produce these tasty treats. It begins by extruding pellets that are about the size of puffed breakfast rice.

These are then pressure-formed into disks that are about 10cm in diameter and 1.3cm thick. This gives the maker the ability to choose the ingredients to make a variety of recipes.

Then, a layer of black or white rice is added to the mixture. The sheet is then cut lateral to create a “millet” or bean shape. This does not mean that it is the same shape as a millet, but resembles one.

The final product is then filled with syrup and baked until it has a diameter of one to five centimeters. This size is considered to be the appropriate size for filling a puffed rice cake mold.

Sodium carbonate

A puffed rice cake maker machine works by heating and expanding the raw rice into a thin layer. The cake is puffed until it expands to fill the space.

It is made with your preferred type of raw rice and moisture content, and it is fed into the hoppers above the popping machine.

Large manufacturers may have eighty to ninety machines, with one to three cooking heads. Each cooking head produces one rice cake every fifteen minutes.

The percentage of CO2 removal depends on the gas flow rate and the concentration of the sodium carbonate solution.

Figure 13 shows the effect of the CO2 loading per unit surface area and the contactor volume on the CO2 removal.

The maximum loading is achieved with a molar ratio of 1.5 M. This explains why using 0.5 M of NaOH would negatively affect the rice medium buffering level.

Temperature adjustment

The temperature adjustment of a puffed rice cake maker machine will vary the size and color of the finished product. The machine has four parts: insulating block, upper and lower platens, ring, and base plate.

To adjust the temperature of a puffed rice cake machine, turn the ring counter-clockwise or clockwise. Then, close the molds. Wait for 20-30 minutes. After 20 minutes, the finished product should jump out.

The moisture content of the rice has a big impact on the quality of the rice cake. Excessively strengthening or weakening the pressure will result in a watery surface and a small cake that is yellowish in color.

Also, excessively pulling the handle out of the pressure adjustment will damage the device. Similarly, the size of the cake will depend on the amount of moisture.

The best way to adjust the temperature is to experiment with a few different settings until you find one that works for your needs.

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Blog: Puffed Rice Cake Maker Machine

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Blog: Puffed Rice Cake Maker Machine