If you are looking for a puffed rice cake machine, this article will provide you with information you need to choose the right one. In this article, you will learn more about the different features of puffed rice cake machines, their product line, how to make puffed rice cakes, and their shelf life.

If you are thinking about purchasing a puffed rice cake machine, you will be happy to know that there are many different types to choose from.

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Product line for puffed rice cake machine

The Puffed Rice Cake Production Line consists of several machines. These machines include a rice air flow puffing machine, a sugar cooker, an automatic mold making machine, and a packing machine.

The finished puffed rice cake is about 80 cm in diameter and 0.6 to 1.0 cm thick. Some models have anti-stick coating and nut particles.

The Puffed Rice Cake Production Line can also be customized for the specific shapes and sizes of the finished products.

This puffed rice cake production line is available for sale, complete with its accessories. The production line will be stopped in August 2020 and needs general maintenance and overhaul.

The equipment consists of two three-head Incomec / Cerex presses and conveyor lines. It is in working condition but needs some overhaul work.

It comes with a thermometer and pressure gage. The machine also has a reasonable structure and can operate using electricity, steam, diesel oil, and/or gasoline.

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Procedure for making puffed rice cake

Puffed rice cakes can be made from low-temperature ripened rice. The machine consists of a side piece and an upper and lower platen.

After preparing the rice, the machine presses it in a circular motion. The rice cake is then heated and puffed up into a round cake.

At the end of the heating process, the machine ejects the formed rice cake. During this process, moisture flash vaporization occurs, causing the rice kernels to become puffed.

The next step in the manufacturing process involves the addition of water and pulverized rice flour. Then, the resulting rice cake is ready. The machine may also include a screw to roll out the finished rice cake sheet.

Here, you can find out more about this important step. The next step in making puffed rice cake is to mix the ingredients. After that, add water to the pulverized rice flour and let the machine do the rest.

Ingredients used in puffed rice cake

There are many different types of ingredients that can be used in a puffed rice cake machine. The basic ingredients are brown rice, red rice, and artificial or synthetic rice.

Other ingredients that do not have great puffing properties include corn, barley, and Job’s tears.

Using these ingredients as a sole component of a rice cake machine will result in a much lower-quality product.

Rice cakes made from 100% poor-puffed ingredients are only slightly better than those made from 100 percent good puffing ingredients.

A puffed rice cake machine may also produce other shapes besides traditional puffed rice. For instance, you may want to try peanut-shaped puffed rice cakes.

Another type of puffed rice cake machine can produce peanut-shaped puffed rice candy. These kinds of machines are typically designed to create various shapes from the same basic raw material.

A rice cake machine will include a puffing machine, sugar-cooking machine, food-forming machine, and packing machine.

Shelf life of puffed rice cake machine

A puffed rice cake machine is used to produce a variety of tasty treats. This machine has three basic parts: a ring-shaped side piece, an upper and lower platen, and a heating mold.

Rice is pressed between the two movable platens and heated. When the upper platen is lifted, the water vapor within the kernels is quickly released and puffed.

Choosing the correct machine is essential because the right type of popper will give a perfect product. You will have to adjust your popping machine to ensure that the finished rice cake has the right amount of moisture and is not too dry.

Depending on the type of machine you buy, the popper can produce more than one cake per batch.

It is also important to consider the ambient humidity. Ambient humidity will change the production process and affect the shelf life of the finished product.

Choosing a water retort is another key consideration when selecting a puffed rice cake machine.

The water retort can produce high pressures that can kill microbes and extend shelf-life.

This process can produce rice cakes with a longer shelf-life than those that are popped.

In addition, a water retort is an excellent way to sterilize products without using heat.

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