There are many types of professional chocolate maker equipment. You can make chocolates with specific features, such as pralines on polycarbonate moulds. Other types of products include chocolate eggs and products containing specific ingredients.

The following article will discuss some of these different types of equipment. The information below will help you make a choice that will benefit you and your business.

Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the most important pieces of equipment for professional chocolatiers.

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Aasted Nilshot

The Aasted Nilshot professional chocolatier machine is ideal for small to medium-scale production and is a versatile and dynamic depositor. It has four scientific measurement methods and handles up to three different masses.

The Nilshot depositor is easy to clean and maintain. It also features four temperature settings and a variable-speed drive, reducing operating costs.

The Aasted Nilshot depositor is suitable for small-scale production and is designed on a C-frame, making it easy to maintain and service.

The Aasted depositor program helps chocolate manufacturers produce fillings with a wide variety of solutions. The machines can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the chocolate maker.

The Aasted Jensen Line features a two-belt modular belt system, allowing for complete control of the dough supply. The machines are gentle and allow the chocolatier to produce moulded articles with various inclusions.

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The Aasted Nielsen enrober offers precise and uniform coatings of chocolate. It features a unique approach to quality assurance for chocolate.

It uses four scientific tests to ensure high-quality chocolate production. Moreover, it has an easy-to-clean lower section that allows for quick changeover of enrobing materials.

The machine offers a wide range of belt widths from 420 to 1020mm. And the Nilshot depositor is perfect for both small and medium production.

The Nilshot depositor can handle two-layered products, long one-shot filled bars, eggs and lique pralines.

AMC SuperNova

AMC SuperNova professional chocolate maker equipment combines a powerful pump and tank with high-quality tempered masses and aerated mass stabilisation.

These two features are essential for producing the highest quality chocolate, whether it is plain milk chocolate or nougat.

AMC has invested 65 years into continuous research and development, and its advanced technology enables it to handle chocolate masses of up to 2 1/2 tons/hour.

The AMC SuperNova 50/100 tempering system is the world’s smallest tempering machine, delivering uniformly-treated chocolate for superior quality products.

This versatile piece of equipment is suited for small moulding lines, laboratory work, and decoration. It features a three-zone tempering system and stirrer tank.

AMC SuperNova professional chocolateier equipment comprises a range of accessories for perfect results.

Tempering machines from Aasted are high-quality energy-efficient machines that offer higher output temperatures and longer periods of crystallization.

The Aasted SuperNova Energy tempering machines are another high-end selection of equipment.

Both small and large chocolate manufacturers can find the perfect combination of quality and price with Aasted’s range of chocolate tempering machinery.

And in case you’re considering upgrading from a single Aasted machine, you’ll also find a range of add-on equipment that’s compatible with AMC SuperNova machines.


The range of professional chocolate equipment from Pomati includes the T10 chocolate tempering machine, which is suitable for producing large quantities of chocolate, pralines, and truffles.

This machine features an industry-leading one-shot chocolate depositing system, and is ideal for producing products of any size or shape. To find out more about the range of Pomati equipment, click here.

If you’re looking for a chocolate tempering machine, then look no further than the Pomati website.

The One Shot technology used in Pomati machines enables users to produce up to 360 chocolate molds per hour. This means they’re a great choice for producers of seasonal products.

Pomati also offers machines for melting any type of chocolate, and the One Shot Depositor OSD-5 and OSD-10 models can be used to melt all types of chocolate in one machine.

Direct auger tempering ensures a perfect blend of crystals, resulting in exceptional quality.

A chocolate tempering machine is an essential tool for creating and producing a wide range of chocolate products, from bars and truffles to confectionary.

Professional chocolatiers can benefit from a chocolate tempering machine. These machines make the process of chocolate tempering simpler and more efficient.

The Pomati T5 chocolate tempering machine is particularly suited to professional chocolatiers.

The Pomati T5 tempering machine is one such model and is perfect for all chocolate-making needs.

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