The price of a peanut butter making machine can vary widely depending on its features. There are two main types: horizontal and vertical. Some are used in a restaurant while others are used in a home setting.

Whether horizontal or vertical, the process of grinding peanuts into butter is a very simple one.

The equipment is made of stainless steel to ensure food safety. The machines can be purchased in Nairobi for around $13,000.

The most expensive equipment costs more than Sh1 million. Purchasing a high-end model will save you thousands of dollars in operating costs.

This machine can grind nuts into peanut butter in less than 20 minutes.

It has exceptional features and can be customized to meet the needs of the user.

Choosing a machine with higher capacity and higher output will help you reduce the cost of operation.

You will be able to choose a size and capacity that works best for you.

bone-grinder (3)
bone-grinder (3)
package of bone grinder machine

If you’re looking for a more affordable machine, consider buying a food processor. These machines are extremely versatile, and can make a variety of different sauces.

These machines are especially useful for preparing peanut butter. They grind the whole peanut seed.

The resulting product is a creamy, tasty treat that you’ll love.

You can make a batch of your favorite peanut butter every time you want!

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