The professional and cheap peanut butter making machine is equipped with many features, including reasonable structure, low noise, easy cleaning, and stable performance. It can produce different types of peanut butter and sesame paste, and is manufactured in a China factory.

The customer from South Africa bought a model LGJMS-180 for his company and ordered a second unit, the LGJMS-240, for a second plant.

A peanut butter machine south africa has various salient features that make it the ideal purchase for your business.

First, it features a multi-level construction, which enables it to process multiple raw materials.

The other important feature is its advanced mechanisms. 

bone-grinder (3)

The machine can also reduce the amount of labor required in the kitchen by 50% or more.

Its lightweight and small size enable it to be transported and stored easily.

It is a good investment for any business that sells frozen food or pet foods.

The second feature is that it can grind various seeds, nuts, and bones, and it is easy to clean.

bone-grinder (3)

The machine can make a variety of products, including peanut butter, almond paste, and sesame paste.

Its feeding funnel can be adjusted according to the user’s needs, and it can also make soy milk and almond milk.

It has a large diameter stainless steel funnel that can handle a wide range of materials.

Moreover, it is easy to use and can be used with multiple units.

Furthermore, it has a mixing tank that will ensure a more consistent quality of the finished product.

package of bone grinder machine

Commercial peanut butter machines are designed to reduce the amount of kitchen work.

It is easy to use and has an attractive appearance, as compared to their manual counterparts.

They are generally made of semi-plastic or plastic bodies.

However, they do require proper insulation to ensure user safety.

Some models have purely metallic bodies, while others are purely plastic.

The price of these commercial peanut butter machines is quite affordable and suitable for every shopper.

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