Protein powder extruding line

The process for transforming protein powders into plant-based meat substitutes involves the use of moisture, high heat, and mechanical energy.

A protein powder extruder consists of three main steps, each of which is essential to the production of a healthy and high-quality product.

The first step, pre-conditioning, involves mixing the ingredients before the extrusion process begins. This step hydrates the powders and ensures a uniform product.

The final step, extrusion, involves the use of a thermoregulated die, which allows the operator to regulate the amount of heat and moisture in the finished product.

A nutrition powder production line is an efficient, fully automated process. This line processes a wide variety of grains, including rice, corn, oat, wheat, and other whole grain flour.

It has a higher nutrition content than a traditional craft. Raw materials are mixed and transported to the feeding hopper.

Then, the extruder creates the granules and particles. The particles are then transported into the oven using an air delivery system.

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Heat sealer

In the process of packing the nutrition powder, heat sealing machine is essential. This machine can seal the pouches in the smallest amount of time.

It adopts the four-way heating control. The heating temperature can be set in advance, and it is controlled automatically.

The color marking on the packaging material is detected by a high-quality photoelectric switch.

The whole trademark pattern can be fully achieved. Moreover, this machine is made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials.

Its sealing accuracy is high, and it complies with the hygiene standards of the food industry.

FEMC offers various heat sealing machines. They include Platen Head heat sealer, Board Lid heat sealer, and Roller Drum.

These machines are designed to reduce the overall production time and improve accuracy. It also helps in time management.

Once the sealing process is complete, the finished powder pouch is discharged from the machine.

It is conveyed further down the line. This machine is also equipped with an automatic bag dispenser.

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The GKF Capsylon Encapsulator is a simple and robust capsule filling machine, perfect for use in the health and nutrition industries.

The machine features easy operation, precise dosage, and excellent price-performance ratio.

The GKF Capsylon Encapsulator has a capacity of 3,000 to 42,000 capsules per hour and is suitable for various applications, including health food and pharmaceuticals.

To start the capsule filling process, the machine requires sandwiching a body and cap ring.

Then, the machine creates a vacuum to separate the two components. The body rings are then placed under a powder hopper.

The encapsulation process converts volatile liquids into solids or powders.

The application of an encapsulating agent helps protect the nutrients during the processing and storage process.

It also simplifies the processing and turns batch production into continuous manufacturing.

It is highly recommended for the manufacture of health food products.

With the use of a Nutraceutical Encapsulator, you can ensure the safety of the nutrients.

Batch mixing equipment

When a production line needs to produce a variety of dietary supplements, it is important to select the right batch mixing equipment.

This is because dietary supplements often contain precise recipes and amounts of active ingredients.

The EM small batch drum mixer, for example, is capable of performing multiple processing steps on one machine.

The HM twin shaft mixer is an excellent choice for multiple steps of the nutraceutical production process, including premixing value-adding ingredients and liquid dispersion.

This machine is a great choice for high purity batch mixing applications.

It has a design that allows it to receive materials by gravity at its 12:00 position.

It also has the option of charging the machine with de-lumpers and bag & barrel stations.

The retractable seal of this machine makes it suitable for various sized mixing needs.

Its versatility also allows the machine to be customized to a variety of products.

Packaging equipment

To create a healthy and high-quality nutritional supplement, the packaging equipment you choose for your facility should be highly accurate and versatile.

For example, a Dahe #328 Tablet Press is an ideal machine for creating various tablet sizes and final powdered formulas.

The high-precision filling unit of this machine will eliminate all waste powder.

High-quality gear motors control the entire filling process, and the servo system helps it maintain high levels of accuracy.

The design of this machine includes permanent stations embedded in a circular pattern. Each station performs a specific packaging procedure.

These machines typically feature eight or more stations. The number of stations may vary between different models.

The machine is equipped with sensors to help it coordinate parts during the packaging process.

The servo motor version has a higher speed output. The semi-automatic model is more space-efficient and comfortable.

You can choose between an inline machine or rotary one depending on the type of product and the size of your plant.

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