A NOVATEC Hopper Dryer is a good choice for small businesses. This machine comes with a Whitlock vacuum loader, a heating element, and a blower. It is in good working condition and includes a warranty.

In addition, this model includes all of the necessary parts and motors to ensure your business’s maximum efficiency.

Read on to learn more about the Novatec hopper dryer and its benefits.

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The NDB Series Dual-Bed Dryer features two separate heaters and heavy-duty 4-way valves. The dry air passes through the hoppers, preventing any condensation.

The NDB-750 model has a hopper-mounted process heater. It also features a separate blower for regeneration.

With the OFMX I/O panel, you can expand to 48 drying hoop systems.

It comes with an integrated temperature and dew point alarm.

A NOVATEC hopper dryer is a convenient option for many businesses.

The CAHM-100 series is a compact and lightweight model that fits on most machine throats.

The CAHM-100 series is 230V, 100LB/HR, and features a membrane to remove moisture. 

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The CAHM-100 has a dew point as low as -49 degrees Fahrenheit.

A compact and lightweight unit, the CAHM-100 works with compressed air to ensure a balanced system airflow.

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Another benefit of a NOVATEC hopper dryer is its ability to dry large quantities of material at once.

It is ideal for drying materials in humid climates, where they can be easily transported from a warmer location.

A NOVATEC hopper dryer can be easily used to dry large containers. In addition to drying large batches, it can also be used to dry materials in larger vessels.

This machine is not suitable for small projects, but for large projects, it will save time and money.

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