Chocolate bars are a popular snack that most of us enjoy. Chocolate factories use a China making chocolate bars machine to create this treat. It can produce almost 1900 bars per minute.

It works by analyzing cocoa beans for their key ingredients and flavor indicators, then mixing them together according to the product formulation requirements.

Each type of chocolate bar has its own characteristic taste and flavor, and each product has its own specifications and process for making it.

This article covers the different aspects of a making chocolate bars machine.

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Cocoa butter

A machine that grinds cocoa beans into a paste contains extra cocoa butter for a smoother, tastier final product.

Cocoa butter is an essential ingredient in chocolate, as it gives the final product its smooth texture and beautiful lustre.

Its low melting point means that it melts at body temperature, resulting in a smooth, silky chocolate bar.

Usually, it is added in the form of lecithin and cocoa butter, which give the final product its velvety texture and creamy feel.

There are several advantages of cocoa butter alternatives. They improve the fat composition of the finished product and are ideally suited for melting.

Additionally, the use of alternatives reduces the likelihood of product softness due to other ingredients, such as nuts and milk.

They also reduce fat bloom during storage and are easier to use.

This is because cocoa butter alternatives don’t require tempering, making them an ideal choice for many chocolate bars.

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Automated mould drying mechanism

There are two types of automatic mould drying machines on the market. The first one, the DEM275, uses a flipping mechanism to remove chocolates from the mould.

Another type uses a vibrating mechanism to remove air bubbles, which makes the chocolate bars ready for transport.

Depending on the size of the chocolate bar mold, it can produce between 56 and 90 pieces.

The machine also features a level sensor.

The second type of automated mould drying mechanism uses a specialized device to determine the temperature and airflow to ensure an even and uniform chocolate bar production.

In the traditional process, chocolates are poured into moulds that are made of aluminium or plastic.

The moulds are then allowed to cool to 5degC with gentle air movement.

A test for the proper temper requires the product to have a glossy surface, no blooming or dulling, and a good snap when broken.

Process of making chocolate bars

A chocolate bar machine is an industrial device that uses a vibration table to mould the raw materials and fillings into bars.

The machine uses hydraulic fluids to move the bars and a control panel to regulate the amount of chocolate and ingredients to be poured into the mould.

The machine also measures the ingredients to produce the desired shape and size of the bars. In a semi-automatic mode, the machine produces two types of bars: a chocolate bar and a chocolate tablet.

Choosing a suitable chocolate bar machine is not an easy task, but proper knowledge of the factors can make it much easier.

First, capacity is important since the capacity of the machine varies according to the volume of production.

Next, the machine should have adequate power capacity. This capacity is expressed in kilowatts.

Lastly, the machine must have the right packaging options. The process of making chocolate bars entails several modes.

Cost of a chocolate bar machine

If you are a chocolatier, you might be wondering how much a chocolate bar machine costs.

This machine has multiple functions and is multifunctional. It grinds, bakes, cools, and packages chocolate.

Like any other piece of machinery, chocolate bar machines require regular maintenance.

To prevent clogging, you should check the machine regularly. You can also buy a separate machine for making chocolate tablets.

A chocolate bar machine is an investment, so make sure you have the money to pay for regular inspection.

The cost of a chocolate production machine depends on the size of your operation. The minimum capacity for a small-scale operation is four employees.

If you plan to run a larger production facility, the cost of the chocolate bar machine can reach tens of thousands of euros.

The costs of additional equipment such as a refrigerator, freezer, transportation packaging, and office space are also factored in.

All in all, the cost of a chocolate bar machine will be between $100-200K.

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