When you are buying a new noodle production line, there are a number of things that you should look for. These include the following features: advanced technology, excellent equipment, and low energy consumption.

Let’s take a look at three of the most important factors for buying a noodle production line.

These features are essential for making instant noodles, but you should also consider how they affect the process.

The next thing to look for is the efficiency of the line.

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Oil spraying technology

Oil spraying technology is a recent development in the field of instant noodles.

Oily spray formula fried instant noodle equipment is being used in the production of instant noodles.

It provides an easier way for the manufacturers to prepare delicious noodles.

This production technology is equipped with a number of equipments that make the process of making instant noodles easier and faster.

The various components of oil spraying instant noodle production line include twin shaft dough mixing machine, flavor machine, air cooler and shunt conveyer.

Samples M2 and M3 were prepared to obtain the soft dough. The dough sample was extruded with little effort and exhibited improved surface smoothness.

The yield was high and gluten development was good. Sample M4 had a high stickiness and required less force to extrude noodles.

In addition, the strands of dough were sticky and stuck to each other.

Their yield was significantly lower than the other samples.

Wastewater from the manufacturing process is not always beneficial.

Industrialized farms often overuse oxidized nitrogen and acidifying lime, which can negatively impact ecosystems and biodiversity.

Oil spraying technology has the potential to improve the production of instant noodles by eliminating these wastes.

Its application in an instant noodle factory is one of the greenest ways to produce these delicious noodles.

A specialized plant that uses oil spraying technology can reduce waste generated by the manufacturing process.

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Vacuum mixers

An instant noodle production line will include vacuum mixers for dough preparation, multiple layer steamers, and refrigeration noodle cooling systems.

The primary functions of a vacuum mixer are to enhance alpha-starch gelatinization of noodles during the steaming process and reduce sticking.

These functions are important to the final product, which is a noodle cake soaked in hot water. These machines provide the right texture and taste of noodles.

In addition to introducing more unique flavours, instant noodles manufacturers are considering new consumer preferences to enhance the experience.

The Shangbaotai production process has launched a variety of regional variants inspired by different regions. It has also improved the shelf life of its products.

The benefits of an instant noodle production line are numerous. Choosing the right machine is critical to the success of your business.

In addition to the vacuum mixers, a noodle machine also includes three sets of sheeting rollers.

The first two rollers are used to press the dough pieces into sheets. The third roller forms the blank.

A photo sensor is used to regulate the material feeding. It is possible to adjust the speed of the steaming process, ensuring the product’s quality.

And because the noodle machine uses a continuous steaming system, it also has an automatic temperature-control function.

This allows the steam to flow uniformly throughout the entire steaming conveyor.

Multiple layer steamers

A multiple layer steamer is an important piece of equipment for an instant noodles production line.

This type of noodle machine is comprised of three sets of sheeting rollers.

The first two rollers press the dough pieces into a sheet, while the third roller forms the blank.

A photo sensor controls the feed of the material. The resulting noodle sheet is ready for the next process.

The next stage involves frying and packaging.

The multilayer noodle production line includes a noodle cutting machine. It dispatches 7 to 14 rows of noodles onto a mold.

The machine has a mesh conveyor and a high-pressure air cutter for removing extra water and soup.

The machine is controlled by a motor frequency converter and is equipped with safety switches on the chamber doors and top cover.

The control panel also includes an emergency stop button. All parts are made of stainless steel.

A multi-layer instant noodle production line involves a large number of machines that make instant noodles.

Each machine produces one or more types of noodles. Depending on the product type, it can produce anywhere from eight to two hundred thousand pieces per hour.

The multi-layer steamer is a popular choice among manufacturers. Its versatility allows it to handle both hot and cold noodles.

The machine is also easy to maintain and does not require complicated technical knowledge.

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