Depending on the features, an instant noodles making machine can cost you anywhere between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 80,000. If you’re planning to start a business, you’ll need to check the PFA Act and GMP requirements.

Also, you’ll need to get exhaust fans installed, which will significantly increase the price.

All in all, you’ll need between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 100,000 to get started.

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DSJ(r) instant noodle production line

The DSJ instant noodle production line is a complete set of equipment to make fried instant noodles.

The machine produces blocks of noodle that are uniformly shaped with a tidy outline.

They are also uniform in color and density of ripples.

After frying, the products can be used for making noodle soap or eaten directly as crunchy snacks.

The machine requires 24 palm oil for frying.

DSJ has a variety of different instant noodle production lines. The bowled and bagged varieties are available.

Both varieties can be cooked within a short period of time. The water content in the finished product is about ten to twelve percent.

The machine can process up to 20 tons of dry noodle blocks per day.

In order to meet consumer demand, the company designed its instant noodle production line to make these delicious products.

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LONGER(r) instant rice noodle production line

LONGER(r) instant rice nesli production line price varies according to the specifications.

The process of instant noodle making can produce the following kinds of noodles: bowled, shredded, and non-fried.

Water content varies from 10 to 12%. The water-to-noodle ratio should be 90-93%.

The machine is compatible with most of the popular types of noodles.

The machine can produce both circular and square shapes of instant noodles.

There are many specifications of the noodle blocks, ranging from 30 to 100 grams.

A complete set of this machine can produce up to 11,000 packs a day.

The LONGER(r) instant noodle production line price includes a noodle dryer.

A full set of the line can process up to 45 tons of wheat flour per day.

DSJ(r) instant vermicelli noodle production line

The DSJ instant vermicelli nudel production line is a complete set of machinery to produce fried instant noodles.

The machine produces block-shaped instant noodles with a uniform color, uniform ripple density, and a very tidy outline.

The products produced by the machine can be dunked in hot water to make noodle soap, or eaten straight as a crunchy food.

Depending on the flavor and texture you are seeking, you can choose between white and yellow noodle.

The DSJ instant vermicelli nate production line is capable of producing both bowled and bagged noodles.

The finished product has a water content of ten to twelve percent, and a water-to-noodle rate of 90-93%.

The line is equipped with a steamer for cooking the noodles.

A DSJ instant vermicelli noodle production line also produces instant rice noodles.

YEE MEE noodle production line

If you are looking for a reliable machine to make YEE MEE, you are in luck.

This machine comes with a great price tag!

Yee Mee is a type of fried noodles, which contains high protein flour.

You can get one of these machines for as low as $100.

If you are looking for a machine to make the noodles, there are several different models to choose from.

The DSJ instant noodle machine is used for the continuous production of fried instant noodles.

The fried instant noodle blocks are uniform in color, size, and ripple density.

The products from the instant noodle plant can be dunked in hot water to make noodle soap or fried and eaten immediately as crunchy foods.

The frying process requires about 24 palm oils.

However, if you are not satisfied with the taste of fried ramen, you can try another brand.

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