Industrial Tray Dryer Machine

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Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine

These machines are equipped with adjustable temperature controls and an easy-to-follow color-coded temperature spectrum.

A commercial-grade food dehydrator also features a rear-mounted drying fan, which helps prevent overheating and ensures uniform drying of the food inside.

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Commercial Food Drying Machine

The Commercial Food Drying Machine is an appliance that can be used to dry fruits and other products.

A tray-type dryer uses hot air to dry food. The hot air in this unit will help the fruit stay crisp and retain its nutritional value.Some models use electricity, biomass particles, gas, or an air energy heat pump.

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Vegetable and Fruit Dryer Machine

Vegetable and fruit dryer machines are highly versatile kitchen appliances. They can dry a variety of produce in batches of up to 100 kilograms, ensuring optimal shelf-life and freshness.

They are energy-efficient and extremely simple to use, and provide numerous benefits to producers and consumers alike.

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Industrial Meat Dryer Machine

An Industrial Meat Dryer Machine is a type of drying equipment that can be used for various materials and shapes.

Its main advantage is its versatility: it can be used for various purposes, from dehydrating fresh meat to curing food products. 

Drying meats can reduce their moisture content from 60% to 20%.

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Industrial Food Dehydrator Machine

If you are looking to buy an Industrial Food Dehydrator Machine, you need to consider several things. One of the most important features is a timer.

The controls on a good dehydrator should be easy to use and have a color-coded temperature spectrum. Also, you should choose a machine that has adequate drying space.

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Tea Leaf Dryer Machine

If you are fond of making various types of tea, a Tea Leaf Dryer Machine can be very useful to you.

It is not only suitable for processing black, oolong and green teas, but also is suitable for delicate drying operations.

It is particularly useful for drying famous quality teas like Wu Yi Rock and flaky Chinese herbal medicine.

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Hot Air Industrial Tray Dryer

The hot air inside the tray dryer is transferred by using blower fans. The dryer is equipped with a temperature control panel and other parameters are fixed outside the equipment.

The dryer works by forcing heated air to condense on the solids inside the tray and remove moisture from them.  This equipment is suitable for drying different types of wet materials.

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Industrial Vegetable Drying Machine

The Industrial Vegetable Drying Machine adopts the heat pump host, which absorbs external heat and waste gas during the drying process and recycles this energy through a compressor.

The drying chamber is equipped with a multi-layer net belt, which moves from the upper to lower portion. The hot air inside the drying chamber is circulated repeatedly, which absorbs moisture from the material.

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Tea Leaf Processing Drying machine

In the process of drying tea leaves, one of the most common methods is using a Tea Leaf Processing Drying machine.

This machine works by using airflow to dry the leaves at a high temperature.

The device uses a conveyor-belt and an electric heating unit to achieve this purpose. Its main advantages include energy saving and environmental protection.

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Black Pepper Dryer Machine

A Black Pepper Dryer Machine is a continuous production drying equipment that helps produce black pepper.

It uses steam or hot air as its main heating method.

The machine spreads crushed peppercorns evenly across a network. As the material is heated, water vapor is sucked out.

A typical drying cycle lasts between one and five hours. 

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Black Pepper Drying Machine

The Black Pepper Drying Machine is a fully automatic equipment, designed to meet the drying requirements of traditional Chinese medicines.

It is highly sensitive to temperature and humidity, and can be programmed according to the pharmacological properties of processed medicinal materials.

It is possible to control the drying process remotely.

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Commercial Fruit Dehydrator Machine

A commercial fruit dehydrator machine can help you dehydrate fruits and vegetables in bulk at home.

This type of food dehydrator machine features six dishwasher-safe stainless steel trays and a clear glass door for easy monitoring of the drying process.

It also has four simple buttons for start/stop and memory functions, along with a 48-hour timer.

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Industrial Tray Dryer Machine


An Industrial Tray Dryer Machine is a type of drying equipment used to remove moisture from solids.

It has a large working area, solid construction, and temperature control, allowing it to dry a variety of materials in a single process.

This machine is often used in processes where moisture is critical for the success of the final product. Here are some tips to make your industrial trays dryer a productive and efficient machine.

Choose a model that will best suit your drying requirements. Choose one that will accommodate a large number of trays. You can purchase a 48 or 100-tray model.

To accommodate as many trays as you need, choose a large model that can accommodate several trolleys.

These machines also allow for the drying of multiple trays. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes.

You can choose between a 12 – 24 tray model or a 48-tray machine, and can choose from many different features.

For pharmaceutical industries, batch drying is popular. This method requires less than 250kg per batch. Alternatively, a single unit may be used for smaller quantities.

Depending on the size of the batch, the process can be adjusted for optimal drying. Some trays are designed to be easily accessible, while others are mounted near the workstations.

The trays of an Industrial Tray Dryer Machine are packaged with two layers of protection to prevent moisture and rust from damaging wrought iron parts.

Generally, a tray dryer is a double-walled insulated chamber that uses multiple trays stacked on top of each other. Hot air is circulated to facilitate the drying process.

Electric heaters or other heating medium is used to produce the hot air. Blower fans are installed inside to ensure proper circulation and heat transfer.

In addition, the tray dryer is widely used for different purposes. It is a versatile tool for drying food products, chemical powders, electrodes, and more.

Industrial Tray Dryer Machines are used for drying various types of materials, including wet and powdered products.

This equipment is similar to a laboratory oven, consisting of a cabinet with a heating element at the bottom.

The differences between the two types of machines are the amount of control over temperature and humidity, as well as the amount of moisture transferred by the air.

These machines also have a built-in thermostat for controlling the temperature.

A tray dryer is an efficient and versatile drying machine for large quantities of materials.

They are economical in fuel use, require little labor, and can operate unattended.

Although this machine is not as cheap as a typical commercial dryer, it is worth the money for its main functionality.

You should consider the price of the machine you choose carefully before investing in a tray dryer.

When evaluating the cost, take into consideration the benefits and drawbacks.

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