Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine

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Vegetable Bubble Washer Machine

Vegetable Bubble Washer Machines are an excellent way to clean fruits and vegetables. They are made to clean them thoroughly, yet are convenient to use.

The bubbles that are generated by the machine clean the vegetables thoroughly, while at the same time removing mud and pesticide residues. 

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Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine

A Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine is a high-tech appliance that is used to clean fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. The cleaning process involves the use of brushes that are connected to gears that allow them to rotate in the same direction. The machine is made of stainless steel and is designed for multiple uses. 

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Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine

If you are planning to clean fruit and vegetables in your home, you will want to purchase the Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine. This small device is extremely easy to use and can fit in your kitchen sink, vegetable basket, or even a small canvas bag. A capsule machine generates OH-ions, which break down dirt and residue on fruits and vegetables.

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Industrial Potato Washing Machine

An Industrial Potato Washing Machine is a great investment for a food processing facility. These machines can clean the potatoes from soil and silt.

The roller cleaning machine has seven stainless steel sleek rolls for the cleaning process. It can be adjusted to clean the potatoes according to size and method of de-soiling. 

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Industrial Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine

An Industrial Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine is a machine used for washing different kinds of vegetables and fruits, especially leaf and stem vegetables.

This type of machine is widely used in hotels, food processing factories, canteens, and farms. It also works well for washing aquatic products, such as mussels and scallops.

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Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine is used for the purpose of cleaning fruits and vegetables.

It is made to be suitable for all types of fruits and vegetables. A high-pressure water spray area at the end of the machine cleans the vegetable leaves by causing them to swish in the water. 

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Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine

There are many benefits of purchasing an Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine. One of these is its versatility. There are several models available that cater to a variety of different needs, from fruit and vegetable cleaning to removing excessive residue. You will be able to wash a variety of produce quickly and easily with the help of one of these machines.

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Industrial Apple Washing Machine for Sale

A high-pressure water flow and bubble tumbling feature ensure that your fruit gets the cleanest possible wash.

A bubble generating device allows the washing water to pass over the fruit’s surface, leaving no trace of soil behind. It’s a machine that can clean more than your average washing machine – even removing pesticide residues. 

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Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine


When you want to clean your produce without the hassle of washing them yourself, consider purchasing an Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine.

These machines are made of stainless steel and feature a perforated screen to help remove dirt and prevent discoloration.

They also feature a co-axial tumble washing mechanism, which ensures thorough cleansing and removal of dirt.

Some models are also equipped with ozone sterilization. These machines come in several sizes, from small to large and from 100 kg to ten thousand kilograms per hour.

The machine includes a water tank, elevator, recycle rinse pump and drive system. It works by forcing water through the fruits and vegetables and then washing them. High-pressure water is used to wash and rinse the produce.

The washing water is pumped into a feed port. Then, it is filtered and sent to the next process. After washing, the fruit or vegetables are pushed up to the scraper elevator for further cleaning.

A good vegetable washer has a bubble cleaning system that combines a water and air pump. The bubbles cause the vegetable or fruit to tumble, pushing away impurities.

The cleaning process is then completed by the high-pressure water spray area on the end of the machine.

This water spray is effective in removing excessive impurities on the vegetable or fruit.

The automatic ozone generation system also kills bacteria and reduces pesticide residues on the surface of the produce.

The main advantages of a commercial fruit and vegetable washer include:

These machines are made of stainless steel, which makes them sturdy and reliable enough to withstand the rigorous conditions of daily use.

The water flow produced by these machines is three times more efficient than those of manual washing. In addition, they also feature an air bubble generator.

When this air bubble comes into contact with an object, it bursts, scrubbing the surface to remove dirt and impurities. These machines are also available in high-speed versions.

Apart from being durable and affordable, these machines are known for their high performance, hygiene, and long life.

In addition, they are equipped with disinfectants to achieve sterilization and fixation effects.

Some models even have ozone sterilization systems. You can also add electric heat pipes and steam pipelines to achieve defrosting functions.

It is possible to customize the machine according to the requirements and preferences of your business.

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