If you’re in the market for an industrial chocolate machine, you’ve come to the right place. Tomric Systems is the exclusive North American distributor of Selmi Chocolate Machinery, widely considered the world’s best.

We help chocolate businesses upgrade their production lines and increase efficiency.

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StellaNova(r) temper

The StellaNova(r) temper industrial hot chocolate machine is a highly innovative and highly efficient equipment for tempering any type of chocolate. The machine can handle all types of chocolate viscosity and fat content.

Its new patented software offers the easiest to use interface for adjusting the exit temperature and temper index.

The software was developed with input from users to ensure an intuitive user interface.

Aasted, the manufacturer of StellaNova, has dedicated software for the chocolate industry.

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SuperNova Energy

The SuperNova Energy tempering program is the next generation of energy-saving technology. This new model features advanced closed water system, simple operation, and precise temperature control.

The super-efficient enrobing program also features a built-in P-Zone, which heats and pre-cools the chocolate mass, keeping the tempering index constant. The result is consistently high-quality chocolate, with consistent taste and consistency.

Rapid Refiner

DCM’s Rapid Refiner is an industrial chocolate machine designed to reduce ingredient temperature, moisture content, and conching time. It uses pneumatic pressure to release natural fats present in cocoa beans and nuts.

The machine’s food-grade stainless-steel construction ensures long-term performance.

The machine has a UL, CE, and CSA-approved motor and deflector blades for years of reliable performance.

Apex Machinery and Equipment Co. Ltd.

A well-established supplier of machine tools, Apex provides a full range of equipment, including mill-chain, roller-chain and sprockets.

It also services mold and die makers, aerospace manufacturers, semiconductor and electronics companies, and other industries.

The company’s diverse product line is complemented by a broad range of services, including machining, inspection, repair, and maintenance. Listed below are some of Apex’s products.


If you want to make delicious confections, you can’t go wrong with an Aasted industrial chocolate machine.

This manufacturer of confectionery machinery has been in the business for more than a century, and it’s a world leader in chocolate production.

Their industrial chocolate machines incorporate flexible and evolutionary technologies for the best results. For example, the Nielsen Junior Enrober is an affordable, easy-to-handle solution.

It’s also made from sanitary stainless steel, and its belt widths range from 420mm to 1020mm. You can even run it for 24 hours if you need to.


If you’re interested in getting a chocolate manufacturing machine, consider an Apex industrial chocolate machine. Apex makes many types of chocolate processing equipment.

Their line of chocolate equipment includes chocolate enrobing lines, a ball mill, and a fat melting tank. You might also need an aerator or a chocolate holding tank if you’re planning to make large batches of chocolate.

There are many different types of chocolate machines available, and you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs.


Depending on the process required, you can choose between a variety of Sollich industrial chocolate machines. These machines include extrusion, slitting, and cutting machinery.

Robust enrobers can also be found in these machines. Some of these machines also feature a cooling tunnel for chocolates.

In addition to these, you can find depositing lines for confectionery products. A complete bar line is available to make practically any type of bar product.

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