There are several important pieces of ravioli making equipment that every home chef should have in his or her kitchen. Some of the most important include a pasta drying screen, Dowel rolling pins, and a pasta knife.

Using the correct equipment will make the whole process go faster and easier. Listed below are some useful pieces of equipment. Read on to learn more.

Let’s start with the basics. First, roll out two strips of pasta about 10 cm wide. Place them on either side of the machine. Then place the filling.

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Dowel rolling pins

Dowel rolling pins are single-piece rolling pins. They typically measure seventeen to 19 inches.

According to Shirley Corriher, author of BakeWise, it’s best to use dowels that are around 19 inches in length.

This will give you ample length to roll out large pieces of dough.

In addition, some dowels come with spacers to provide precise thickness.

You may want to invest in two pins, one for larger and one for smaller batches.

While both dowel pins and flat rolling pins have their advantages, the latter is better suited to large-scale projects.

In fact, the American-style dowel pins tend to be thicker and heavier than the French-style ones, which have tapered ends.

Additionally, these dowel pins are easier to clean.

However, if you plan to use them regularly for larger projects, you should invest in a flat, 18-inch rolling pin.

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Pasta rack

A pasta drying rack is an essential item when making ravioli or other pasta dishes.

Pasta needs to be dried before cooking to prevent it from sticking or clumping.

It also gives the finished product the right consistency and texture.

The most common types of pasta drying rack are wood, metal, or plastic.

Choose the one that fits your needs best. Listed below are some of the best options.

Read on to discover which pasta drying racks are the best options.

A good drying rack is made of stainless steel or wood rods that are connected to a stand.

The rods rest a foot or so above the base of the rack.

You then drape the strands of pasta across the rods to let air dry them evenly.

Some racks have a special oil finish to prevent the dried dough from sticking.

A wooden drying rack will not be as durable as metal or plastic, but it is worth its price.

Pasta drying screen

A pasta drying screen is an essential piece of equipment for the production of ravioli.

They keep pasta from sticking and retain their texture when cooked. While long noodles can be dried on a drying rack, other shapes are best suited to a pasta drying screen.

This equipment promotes air circulation and is easy to clean. Its design has four legs with non-slip feet to prevent uneven drying.

If you are looking for a high-quality drying screen, you should purchase a beechwood drying screen with wide holes.

This item is a great addition to your kitchen for a variety of different purposes, including drying herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other food items.

A pasta drying screen is necessary for preparing and storing pasta. It allows the dough to dry before it is cooked, which prevents it from sticking or clumping.

It also helps produce the right texture and consistency of finished pasta.

While fresh pasta should be dried for several hours prior to cooking, dried pasta can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Likewise, dried pasta can be frozen.

Pasta knife

If you’re a beginner at ravioli making, you’ll want to consider getting a pasta knife specifically made for the task. Raviolis are typically circular, so having a sharp knife is essential.

If you’re not that fond of circular shapes, an all-purpose knife will work just as well.

Unlike a pastry cutter, a ravioli cutter will not tear the delicate sheets of pasta.

Rather, it will slice the pasta and seal the edges perfectly.

While a pasta cutter is an essential tool for making ravioli, it’s also worth investing in a bench scraper.

This tool is very useful for dividing dough and combining ingredients.

A good one is a hand-forged dough knife from the United Kingdom by a master craftsman.

It’s nonstick and practically indestructible, but you’ll need to order it from the manufacturer’s Instagram account.

If you’re pressed for time, a rust-free stainless steel scraper will do.

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