If you are planning to produce fish food for your animals, it is necessary to use a high-quality fish feed pellet extruder. This machine is very effective in producing puffing type of fish food. It is able to produce small-sized pellets, which are 0.9-10 mm in size.

Furthermore, the high temperature of the extruder kills bacteria and prevents bacterial infections, which is essential for the welfare of the animals. The pellets are easy to digest by the fish.

This machine will process the raw materials into a pellet form, which will be suitable for the fish. The temperature of the barrel is between 110-130 degrees Celsius.

The screw in the barrel turns, and this process creates thermal energy, which cooks the material.

This process makes the finished pellets of fish feed more nutritious and cheaper than compound powder feed.

The temperature is controlled by the jacketed construction of the extruder, which prevents the pellets from sticking together.

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The fish feed extruder can produce different pellets with different characteristics.

The feed goes through a process of rapid dehydration and water evaporation, and after the pellets enter the atmosphere, they solidify and float.

The process of heating the pellets is also highly efficient, improving the floating time of the feed.

One type of extruder is the single-screw model, which is more common in feed plants.

Besides producing fish feed, the extruded feed is highly nutritious and retains flavor efficiently.

In fact, fish can digest over 90% of the feed with the help of extruded foods. Apart from reducing the risk of disease, the high-quality fish feed extruder eliminates the problems of untreated feed.

It is highly recommended for the fish hobbyist. And if you plan to use it for commercial purposes, be sure to check its specifications before buying it.

The wet type fish feed extruder is similar to the dry type. It produces feed pellets that are germ-free and cooked to perfection.

A good fish feed extruder can add a variety of nutrient elements to the feed pellets, and the pellets have a shelf life of more than a year.

This equipment is an essential piece of equipment in the fish farming industry. It is highly efficient in producing various kinds of pet foods.

The dry type fish feed extruder has several parts and is mainly used to produce pellets for animals.

The screw in the feeding section transports the materials and the other part compresses them.

The material is then squeezed out of the pellets and heats up by friction. The process is more complex and sophisticated than the wet type, but it helps meet the needs of the fish.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a fish feed extruding machine.

fish feed pellet production line

A fish feed extruder consists of a long barrel that has a screw auger on one end and a boiler on the other. The cooking process results in a low density floating pellet that is suitable for aquaculture.

The food is also more effective in packaging, which means it will cost less. And it will be healthier for your animals than the ordinary pellets.

It will be easier to prepare and store and it will save you money in the long run.

The dry type fish feed extruder is used to make bulk porous feed pellets that are puffed at room temperature. The raw material is ripened and swells up when the temperature increases.

It is then processed and cooled until it becomes a puffed ball of average size. T

he final products are usually smaller than the dry type, but a dry type fish feed extruder is still the most practical for the production of these foods.


A wet-type fish feed extruder can be used for both dry and wet types of fish feed.

It is a popular type because it has a wide range of applications.

For example, it can produce floating fish feed or sinking fish feed. A dry-type fish pellet mill has a single screw and does not use a boiler.

Moreover, a wet-type fish feed extruder has a low noise level and can make both wet- and dry-type feed pellets.

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