When pellets are molded, a hopper dryer can be the best option. It uses continuous high-temperature wind to dry the raw material uniformly. A hot air recovery device in the hopper helps to reuse the air.

When operating a HB, the dew point of the process air should be -30degC (-20degF). It should be warmed up from a cold start and the temperature should be maintained at a constant level to prevent contamination.

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The standard hopper dryer is mounted on a plastic molding machine, and can dry wet resin pellets. The hopper dryer holds the Vacuum Hopper Loader and can reduce energy consumption.

When used in a plastic injection moulding process, the hopper dryer can also reduce dust and airborne pollutants in the workshop.

In addition to reducing energy costs and lowering costs, this device can improve environmental awareness and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.

The hopper dryer is an effective drying solution for non-hygroscopic materials. The hot air is circulated throughout the material in the hopper and carries away the surface moisture.

Because the desiccant is regenerated with each cycle, the air can be cleaned and renewed in a matter of minutes. It can be mounted directly on the throat of an injection moulding machine, which is another option.

These machines are easily cleaned and maintain and can even be installed on a frame for a clean, efficient installation.

features of vertical dryer

The hopper dryer is a versatile drying solution. It can be mounted directly on the injection molding machine, where it can provide drying hot air with a dew point of -40degC.

These dryers are lightweight and compact, and many feature free-standing frames for easy installation. They are a cost-effective solution for a variety of industrial applications.

And, unlike other drying methods, they can also work with plastics, which are hygroscopic.

package of vertical dryer

The hopper dryer is made up of a stainless steel barrel that can be easily cleaned. The heating barrel is also adjustable to achieve a uniform temperature.

The hopper dryer can be used for a wide range of purposes. It can be used for dewatering and drying PET flakes. Injection molding machines use a hopper dryer for plastic materials.

However, it is not only useful in these situations. These machines are also used in industries where hot air is needed to process materials.

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