A hopper dryer is a large device that removes moisture from raw materials. The hopper is filled with resin pellets and heated air is blown in. The heated air is re-circulated through a closed-circulation system, and a fan provides continuous airflow into the chamber.

The hopper contains many different settings and specifications, and the temperature control mechanism is the most important part of the hopping dryer.

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The hopper dryer works by blowing a constant, hot wind into a drum that holds the raw material. After the raw material has been dried, the wind is blown out through a return air filter.

Depending on the manufacturer, an optional hot air recovery device may also be included, which forms a closed loop circuit to conserve electricity.

The hopper is sized for approximately four times the throughput of a hot-air drying system.

The hopper dryer is the most efficient way to dry plastic raw materials. It works by distributing high-temperature air in an even manner throughout the drum.

It can process a wide variety of materials, including wood, rubber, paper, and plastic. The stainless steel material hopper makes it easy to clean and does not contain contamination.

Moreover, the hopper is an ideal solution for industries that need to dry a large volume of materials quickly and efficiently.

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A hopper dryer is ideal for drying hygroscopic materials such as plastic pellets. Because its large surface area allows it to remove more moisture from the material, a hopper dryer is ideal for the plastic molding industry.

These machines have a visual window and can be controlled by a remote control. They are also easy to clean, making them ideal for all kinds of drying jobs. You can choose the right hopper dryer for your needs and budget.

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The hopper dryer works by removing moisture from materials. The air passes through a desiccant wheel and is cooled before being passed through the hopper.

The air is heated and the desiccant leaves the hopper dry. As the air passes through the hose, the heat from the water in the resin is carried out.

The drying process will remove surface moisture from hygroscopic materials and plastics.

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Blog: How is a Hopper Dryer Working

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Blog: How is a Hopper Dryer Working