The LD horizontal ribbon blender is a stainless steel mixer machine that is used for homogeneous and uniform mixing of dry powders, granules, liquids, and semi-wet materials. The helical agitator helps the liquid or solid mixture to flow through the machine easily and quickly.

LD’s wide-open door facilitates cleaning and easy access. These features make LD’s a popular choice among food manufacturers.

A ribbon blender is designed with a U-shaped trough and a specially-fabricated helical ribbon agitator that is powered by a motor. The agitator rotates at 350 fpm, while the outer spirals are smaller and less powerful.

Both types of agitators feature tightly controlled clearances, ensuring uniform blending and low maintenance. In addition to a powerful motor, the discharge gate can be operated manually or pneumatically.

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application of horizontal mixer

A Horizontal Ribbon Blender is a combination of a trough-shaped U-shaped agitator and special, specially fabricated ribbon agitator. The inner and outer helical ribbons are precisely pitched, resulting in a well-balanced radial-axial flow pattern.

The blades are placed on opposite sides of the trough to mix the materials thoroughly. Both types of horizontal blenders are easy to clean and are made with high-quality components.

A Ribbon Blender consists of a trough-shaped outer helical ribbon and U-shaped inner helical agitator to mix free-flowing raw materials in a U-shaped trough.

They combine a horizontal agitator with precision-pitched inner and outer helical ribbons to produce a homogeneous product. A high-quality Ribbon Blender is characterized by tight clearances and expert fabrication.

structure of horizontal mixer

A Ribbon Blender is an excellent choice for many applications. Its helical agitator has an outer helical rotor that helps to blend powder materials. The horizontal ribbon blender is a great choice for a variety of processes, including food and beverage production.

The resulting homogeneous product is a high-quality end product that will meet the needs of the food industry and exceed customer expectations. It will also increase your bottom line.

The ribbon blender is a light-duty agitator that blends pre-processed powders. The trough’s U-shape is ideal for mixing pre-processed ingredients. The Ribbon Blender works on two principles: convection, or macro-mixing.

The agitator turns over the solids at a high rate of speed, while diffusion moves individual particles in one direction. When both principles are combined, the result is a uniform mixture.

features of horizontal mixer

Ribbon Blenders can be a great choice for high-volume applications. These blenders combine free-flowing raw materials in a U-shaped trough. Their U-shaped design makes them ideal for low-volume applications.

The horizontal trough is also a great option for mixing large volumes of fluids. The trough can be customized based on your specific requirements. The trough and the blades can be replaced easily.

A Ribbon Blender uses a ribbon agitator with a double or triple helical design. These agitators contain a U-shaped horizontal trough that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The ribbon agitator consists of a helical agitator with an inner and outer helical spiral. These agitators are arranged on either side of the U-shaped trough.

Typically, they have a U-shaped trough and have an outer screw to gather the material into the center. Besides, the rotary agitator is powered and can be manually or pneumatically operated.

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The Ribbon Blender is a light-duty agitator that is ideal for mixing powders that can easily be turned over. Its helical design also allows for easy cleaning, and is often used to process pre-processed powders.

The rotary design ensures an excellent homogeneous blend, and the angled blades are easy to clean. These units are suitable for food-grade or chemical applications. The trough and agitator are used in both solids and liquids.

A ribbon blender is a highly versatile industrial-grade mixer. It can be used to mix large amounts of material. The ribbon agitator consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough and an inner and outer helical agitator.

These mixers can be powered by an engine that is inserted in the machine and the agitator is rotated at 300 fpm. Various sizes are available to accommodate different blends.

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