In the industrial sector, the stainless steel Horizontal ribbon blender is a popular choice for mixing liquids and powders. This type of blender is widely used to blend liquids and powders with a wide range of viscosities. However, the design of this machine should be suitable for the particular type of materials and should be free of any rigid foreign bodies.

The mixing time is usually three to five minutes, and the length of time can be extended depending on the specific needs of the user.

Horizontal ribbon blenders have a U-shaped trough and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator. The trough’s discharge valve can be manually operated or pneumatically operated. Various types of ribbons can be used in this blender, and the best ones feature a tight clearance between the helical ribbons and the trough bottom.

There are many manufacturers of these horizontal blenders, and each one has its own characteristics and benefits.

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The horizontal ribbon blender is powered by a drive system consisting of a motor, coupling, and gearbox. The agitator shaft exits the trough at either end through end plates.

The trough also has a sealing arrangement that prevents the materials from coming into contact with each other. Its high efficiency and reliability make it one of the most versatile machines in the industrial world.

This blender is used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and is suitable for a wide range of processes and applications.

A horizontal ribbon blender is a stainless steel mixer machine that features precision-pitched inner and outer helical ribbons. It is designed to blend powders, liquids, and other materials in an even and uniform manner.

These blenders are especially suitable for blending solids and liquids, since they have a low shear ratio. The ribbons are arranged on both sides of the shaft, allowing the product to blend evenly.

structure of horizontal mixer

The LD horizontal ribbon blender is a stainless steel mixer that is widely used in the production of low-viscosity pastes and dry powders. It is also ideal for mixing liquids and solids. A good LD horizontal ribbon blender will allow for even and consistent blending of materials.

The unit can be designed for different applications, and can be customized to suit the individual needs of the user. When purchasing a new one, make sure it is suitable for your application.

When selecting a horizontal ribbon blender, it is important to take into account the size of the batch. The machine should be able to fit inside the container without touching the walls or floor. Its interior should have a 60 to 80-grit surface.

For sensitive batches, however, 150-grit surface is better. The agitator is not removable, but the endplates are. This allows for easy cleaning. The agitator is mounted on either side of the unit.

features of horizontal mixer

The size of the horizontal ribbon blender will depend on the volume of the batch. If the bulk density of the product is 35 pounds per cubic foot, you can choose a standard blender. If the product is much denser, a heavy-duty model will be needed.

To avoid problems with mixing, the horizontal ribbon blender must be used in large batches. The lower the batch volume, the better. The thinner the batch, the more the agitator will work.

Horizontal ribbon blenders are powered by a drive system. This system is composed of a motor, coupling, and gearbox. The agitator shaft is attached to end plates at either end of the blender. The agitator shaft is protected from the air by end plates.

The trough is also fitted with various valves for better control. The troughs are not only designed to mix fluids but also to grind solid materials.

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The WLDH Series horizontal ribbon blender is generally used for mixing solid materials. It is designed with double-helical ribbon agitator and is commonly used to mix powders and granules with low-viscosity pastes and liquids.

Its agitator is characterized by two distinct parts: a drive system, which drives the agitator. The agitator is mounted on a single vertical axis.

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