The hopper dryer valve base plays a vital role in the process of drying materials. When it is not closed, the material may remain wet but not at the correct temperature for processing. In such cases, the material will become weak and brittle.

Another problem is overdrying, which can lead to brittle parts. If the air flow is stopped, the material will remain dry, but at the wrong temperature.

This problem is common for nylon-based materials, and it requires special attention.

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The dewpoint sensor in the outlet of the dryer allows the operator to adjust the drying air according to the conditions in the hopper.

The patented solution by Novatec makes use of a dewpoint sensor to automatically regulate the air flow. The nozzle at the outlet of the hopper contains a sensor that indicates the equilibrium point.

The patented design eliminates the need for a separate control valve. Instead, the controller simply shuts off the exhaust air and reintroduces fresh air from the hopper.

The resulting balance will not cause overdrying and will leave the product dry and brittle.

A hopper dryer valve base is also useful for quick changes of material. In a central system, for example, one hopper may require 400 cfm, while another may require only 200 cfm.

For this reason, a glass tube is necessary for high-temperature drying. In a closed system, however, a glass tube is required for high-temperature materials, which can result in an unsafe working environment.

While the hopper dryer valve base is a critical part of a hopper dryer, it is a simple way to ensure a quality product.

A well-maintained valve base will last for many years, providing a dry hopper for resin pellets. Its automatic overload protection will ensure that your product is as pristine as possible.

Moreover, this valve base is designed with a protective overload-protection system to prevent failures.

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A hopper dryer is used for drying materials that are too large for a standard dryer. It is a great choice if the material needs to be dried to a higher temperature.

A hopper dryer can be mounted directly on a molding machine or to a floor stand with a take-off box. A hopper dryer is a good option for drying materials that degrade with time.

Besides preventing over-drying, a hose connection is necessary for connecting it to an external power source.

The hopper dryer is the best option if you need to dry various materials in a single operation. Its capacity ranges from two to six tons per hour. You can choose from different hopper sizes and valve bases.

The hopper dryer valve base is a vital part of a hopper dryer and helps control the moisture content of the material.

This specialized piece of equipment allows for flexible drying processes, while its revolving door allows for quick material changeover.

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The hopper dryer valve base is a vital component of a food-processing system. The hopper dryer valve base has a wide range of applications.

Some systems can process polycarbonate, while others are more suitable for the processing of various materials. While some hoppers have multiple functions, others may have one or two tiers.

Some hoppers may be too big for a specific material, and some hoppers may have more than one.

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