The hopper dryer is a type of industrial dryer used to dry plastic materials. The hopper can be made of stainless steel or glass. It can be installed directly on a blow molding machine or an extruder.

It can also be used to dry plastic materials during transport or shipping.

It has a whirwind exhaust system and hot air blows. This machine is very efficient and economical, and is highly versatile.

vertical dryer (1)

This machine uses a down-blowing air pipe that carries hot air from the bottom of the hopper to the top.

It is easy to clean, and has a large capacity. It is also space saving.

Depending on the size of the hopper, it may be used on a mold making machine.

These models include a 4.3-inch color touch screen and accessible door.

It is available in a variety of capacities, including a 1000-pound capacity.

The compact industrial plastic hopper dryer variants are suitable for use on processing machines with a throat.

The double insulated hoses enable easy access to the hopper tank.

The separable hopper base is an additional option. 

features of vertical dryer

It can be equipped with an overload relay and a quick cooling blower.

The hot air inlet elbow design prevents the dust from piling up at the bottom of the pipe heaters.

package of vertical dryer

When the material is ready to dry, it can be easily transferred to the upper barrel. It is a simple process, and it makes it easy to clean.

The heating barrel is made of stainless steel and the hopper magnet can be used as a dust collector.

The hot air from the top center of the hopper is transferred to the lower barrel through the screw spindle.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the spiral mixing process allows the materials to dry quickly and evenly.

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