You can dry plastic granules efficiently with the help of a hopper dryer. This device features hot wind extending device for even heating. It is provided with the digital temperature controller and a process timer.

There is also a safety switch installed on the main power source to prevent overheating.

The hopper can be easily removed for regular maintenance and cleaning.

The hopper is also equipped with a magnetic base for easy transport.

vertical dryer (1)

This hopper dryer has a capacity of 50kg. It can be used for plastic resin drying in a factory. It is possible to purchase the hopper dryer in bulk quantities to save on costs and time.

Besides, you can choose the material that you wish to dry. Many models come with adjustable settings, so you can adjust the air flow to fit your requirements.

It is recommended that you purchase a hopper dryer that has a maximum capacity of 50 kg.

This machine can be fitted with different trays.

Moreover, this unit can accommodate up to five thousand pounds of plastic.

The hopper dryer is ideal for drying plastic materials in a factory. 

features of vertical dryer

Unlike a traditional oven, this machine can be used for drying any kind of material.

It is an ideal accessory machine for your extrusion and injection machines.

The hopper dryer is a cost-effective way to dry plastic materials.

package of vertical dryer

The hopper dryer is available in various capacities. It can be fitted with a 24 hours timer or can be fitted with a magnetic base.

The stainless steel inside the drum makes the process easier and faster. The stainless steel inside the barrel will also prevent the accumulation of dust.

Its open door type will make it easy for you to clean. You can use it for drying plastic materials in the workshop.

The hopper dryer is the perfect solution for drying plastic materials in a workshop.

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