FRK Rice Production Line uses broken rice flour as the main raw materials for making the fortified grains. This process uses twin screw extruders to solidify the fortified grains. The product is then dried in a rotary dryer to enhance its ripening and extrusion.

Moreover, the FRK fortified rice kernels can be produced in various shapes and sizes. The company can provide production solutions to its clients.

The machine can also be used for the production of fortified and nutrition rice, instant rice, and other types of rice.

It can meet different needs of different companies and expand the consumer market. It also provides all-in-one service, including packaging of finished products, user manuals, factory inspection form, and product certificates.

It makes it possible for a business to cater to different consumer demands and meet strict quality standards.

The machines come with user manuals, a certificate of production, and other documents that are necessary to run a successful business.

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Using cereals as raw materials, the machine uses extrusion technology to strengthen them. In addition, it mixes vitamins, proteins, and minerals to produce a product that has great taste and easy cooking capabilities.

Besides, the machinery uses a variety of drying processes to ensure maximum product quality. A number of benefits make it an ideal choice for any business.

The machine is reliable, efficient, and easy to use, and can help you save a lot of money on production costs.

The FRK rice production line is the perfect choice for a business that produces nutrition rice and instant rice.

The technology behind the machine combines extrusion technology and drying processes to create the perfect product with great taste and texture.

In addition, it has a long shelf life, making it a great choice for businesses. A high-quality product with excellent flavor, strong functionality, and a high level of nutritional value makes it a good choice for any business.

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FTK Rice Production Line has a variety of features to meet the needs of a variety of rice makers. It produces both fortified and unfortified varieties.

It also produces instant and fortified rice. Regardless of the type of rice produced, the machine will be able to meet the requirements of a range of consumers.

A complete grain processing line will allow the producer to produce the best products possible. The system includes an automatic washing machine and dryer.

The FSK rice production line is an all-in-one solution for the rice industry. It will allow you to grow rice in your own farm, or buy it from a wholesaler.

The machine will help you fulfill a variety of needs and will also help you expand your consumer base. The newest version of the machine is available online.

You can browse the website of the manufacturer to get more information on the equipment. It will also provide a comprehensive online training.

The FSK rice production line is a multi-purpose system that can produce nutrition and fortified rice. It will also produce instant rice, which is a popular choice among consumers.

The machine can also be used to manufacture other types of food items, such as flavored instant rice. All-in-one services are a major advantage of FSK rice production line.

Apart from the machine, the manufacturer will also provide the packaging of finished products, user guide and product certificate.

In addition to this, the FSK rice production line can be used to produce a wide variety of products, from instant rice to fortified nutrition rice.

In fact, FSK rice production line is an ideal solution for rice processing. The company’s expertise will help you choose the right machine to suit your needs. In addition to this, the machine will be installed in your own factory.

After the installation, it will provide all-in-one services, such as packaging of finished products. In addition, the company will also provide user manual and factory inspection form.

The FSK rice production line can be used for all types of food products, such as nutrition and instant rice.

It is designed to meet the needs of different companies and expand the consumer market.

It provides all-in-one services, including all-in-one service for packaging, user manual, and product certificate. With the help of this machine, your company can produce more nutritious, tasty and eutrophytic rice than ever before.

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