A Fortified Rice Extrusion Line is a kind of automated rice production line that uses various raw materials for fortified rice. By adding different kinds of nutritional elements, this machine can regenerate the fortified nutrition, which can fulfill the needs of consumers.

As a result, fortified rice retains its natural taste and viscosity. What’s more, this machine is very easy to use, and can help users save a lot of time and money.

The Fortified Rice Extrusion Line can be used to make fortified rice kernels. It uses broken rice flour as raw materials and has twin-screw curing.

All heating zones are equipped with temperature-control systems, which can improve the ripening and extrusion process. Moreover, it has a large capacity, so that the fortified rice can be produced in different sizes.

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The process of fortification of rice is complicated, as existing rice mills must be upgraded. The cost of fortification depends on the volume of the rice to be processed.

For a four to five tonnes per hour rice mill, it will cost around Rs 15-20 lakhs. The costs for fortification are shared between the Centre and states, and the manufacturers will be paid by the government.

A Fortified Food Extrusion Line is a high-tech, high-yielding investment.

The fortified Rice Extrusion Line uses broken rice flour as raw materials. It features twin-screw curing and temperature-control systems in all heating zones.

The precise temperature control of fortified rice ensures its high quality. The machine can also produce different-sized fortified rice kernels, including golden rice, buckwheat rice, and konjak rice.

It is one of the most advanced fortified grain processing equipments on the market.

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A Fortified Rice Extrusion Line is the most popular and efficient fortification technology. It uses broken rice as the raw material and adds a variety of nutritional elements, including vitamins and minerals.

The end product of the line is a fortified rice kernel of varying sizes. A Fortified Rice Extrusion Line is an innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution for fortified rice production.

It is an ideal solution for fortified rice. It is a high-quality fortified rice product, containing a variety of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

It can be designed to produce all kinds of fortified grains, such as golden, buckwheat, and konjak, and also regenerates fortified rice. The system also helps to create new fortified rice products.

A fortified rice production line is ideal for the production of fortified rice kernels. The FRK fortified rice extrusion line can produce a range of shapes and sizes for fortified rice.

It is highly automated and energy-efficient, and the machine has multiple heating zones. A fortified rice extrusion line can create a wide range of fortified grains.

The FRK fortified rice kernel production line uses broken rice flour as its raw material. It is equipped with twin-screw curing and has temperature-control systems in all heating zones.

A fortified rice extrusion line can produce fortified kernels of different sizes, including golden and buckwheat rice. In addition, it can produce a range of fortified products in various shapes and sizes.

In addition to its nutritional value, FRK is an ideal source of protein, which is essential for human growth and development.

It also helps improve the nutritional quality of rice, as it provides micronutrients to enhance its nutritional value.

Fortified rice is ideal for developing countries where the per capita consumption of rice is low.

It is also a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure a constant supply of high-quality rice.

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