The flow through seasoning tumbler is a vital part of the entire production process. In addition to ensuring uniform product quality, it improves consistency in the seasoning application. The improved flow leveler technology eliminates problems associated with gate dumps and can operate reliably during intermittent operation of downstream equipment.

The center discharge is preferred because it minimizes breakage. The current technology of tumbler drums causes high breakage and inconsistency in the product.

The variable geometry seasoning tumbler 100 comprises a belt 150 and a catenary portion 152. These parts are usually constructed of a durable material. The upper roll 140 rotates the belt 150 while the lower roll 142 creates a slack portion in the catenary portion 152.

This mechanism ensures that the belt 150 rotates in a direction toward the upper roll. The rotation of the lower roll 142 causes the belt to be pushed along the slack portion of the belt.

rotary seasoning machine (2)

A conventional seasoning tumbler is used to apply seasoning to snack foods. A tumbling drum and nozzle are used to apply the seasoning to the snack food. AEI’s improved seasoning system is easy to operate and is designed to meet the needs of different production facilities.

Compared to a traditional tumbler, this one does not require a rotating pan, and is economical to run. It also permits a wide range of products without any additional equipment.

The granules used in seasoning tumblers have different slopes. A high slope causes the seasoning to flow out of the tubes more slowly. By increasing the slope, the snack food product can be evenly covered.

However, if the seasoning is not evenly distributed, the overall product quality is compromised. This results in higher breakage and decreased economics. It’s important to find the proper size for the tumbler for the product.

Flow through seasoning tumblers can be adjusted to achieve uniform seasoning. The operator can manually adjust the amount of seasoning based on the results of quality control tests.

This system is a preferred embodiment of a seasoning system. A rotary drive mechanism rotates the tumbler at a desired speed. In a rotor, the top and bottom rolls can be moved to adjust the inclination of the belt.

The seasoning tumblers may be of different sizes and shapes. The cylindrical tumblers can be 30 inches or 36 inches in diameter. The insulator portion can be made of stainless steel. The drip tray may also be made of plastic or polymer.

The flow through seasoning tumblers are an efficient and convenient solution for a wide variety of food preparation needs. Various applications can be achieved with the help of the prior art seasons.

application of rotary seasoning machine

An alternative seasoning tumbler system includes a second conveyor and a plate that is inclined to an angle. The latter uses an angled edge 182 to ensure a uniform distribution of the seasoning.

This seasoning tray has an inclining edge 186 that drops the product onto the corresponding plate. The inclining edge 186 of the seasoning tumbler is inclined. It may be a single tier or multiple tiers.

The variable geometry seasoning tumbler 100 includes an inclining support base 110 and a series of ascending support arms. The support base has an inclining support arm 150 that is slack in a horizontal position.

The supporting arms are in a curved configuration. A spiral is a more sophisticated version of a tumbling bed, and the shafts cantilevers are used to rotate the lower support roll.

package of rotary seasoning machine

The flexible surface of the seasoning assembly is adjustable in curvature and enables the use of large coating applicators. The seasoning assembly is open to the right of the product, which allows for uniform seasoning coverage. The air supplied to the system automatically adjusts the proportional gate 97 to suit the product volume.

This way, the product is poured into the upper pan 96 with minimal loss. The top layer is coated with the seasoning, and the seasoning is applied evenly.

The tumbling bed of the seasoning tumbler is designed to provide an efficient coating for the product. The product is then packaged in the tumbler and ready for sale. The seasoned snack food is then transferred to downstream equipment. The cross feed conveyor 38 may be a high-speed conveyor or a packaging system.

The tumbling bed provides a free-flowing bed for the seasoned product. The tumbling bed system is highly adaptable and customizable, depending on the size of the products.

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