Fish meal is a by-product of the processing of fish. Traditionally, it was produced in fisheries where there are periods of glut and scarcity. During these times, it is common for fishmeal factories to have excess raw material.

This unprocessed material is prone to spoilage and has a lower yield. A good production line will take care of these problems. The process will also reduce the risk of odour and contamination.

To make fish meal, a complete fishmeal production line should include the main machine called the cooker. This is a cylinder that contains a steam-heated rotor and jacket.

The rotor is designed as a screw conveyor with hollow flights and is connected to a spherical ball bearing. An electromagnet governor controls the speed of the rotor.

A Squeezer separates the solid from the liquid by pressing the material. Then, the dry materials are transported to a storage tank for further use.

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The cooking process of fishmeal plants begins with the squeezing and drying of raw material. This is a lengthy process and requires special processing skills. The main machine of a fishmeal production line is called a cooker.

This machine is composed of a cylinder with a steam-heated jacket and a rotor. The rotor is designed to function like a screw conveyor with hollow flights. The rotor is connected to an electromagnet governor.

Then, the next step is called the Squeezer. This machine separates the solid from the liquid by using a press chamber composed of two interlocking cylinders.

The fish meal production line has different models and working capacities. In addition, a fish meal machine manufacturer will also provide a series of spare parts and supporting equipment.

The most important piece of equipment is the electric control cabinet. Apart from the electrical control cabinet, a screw conveyor is also included in a fishmeal production line.

The other equipment in the line may include a boiler, an air pump, and a fish oil concentrator.

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A fish meal production line may also include a centrifuge. After the fish oil is cooked, it needs to be pressed and dried. A centrifuge will be used for this.

The steam-heated rotor will be used to cook the raw materials. Afterwards, the plant will need to be desalted to remove any traces of dissolved waste. It is important to make sure that the fish meal is free of contaminants.

A fish meal production line is an efficient way to produce fish meal. The cooking process will yield 21 per cent of the total yield. The actual yield, however, will depend on the species of fish.

This amount will be a major factor in the final product’s price. If the fish meal is cheap and available, it is a good choice for consumers. The quality of the finished product depends on its origin. It is best to buy a high-quality fish meal.

A fishmeal production line can be customized for various needs. For example, it can be designed for poultry, pigs, or cattle. Young animals need high-quality protein in their feed.

A fishmeal production line will contain the amino acids that are needed by these animals. The protein found in a fishmeal production line will provide the animal with the proper nutrition. If the product is high in protein, it is a good source for human consumption.

The fishmeal production line should contain all the necessary equipment to produce fish meal. The cooker is the most important machine in the system.

It is an insulated cylinder with a steam-heated rotor and jacket. A spherical ball bearing is connected to the rotor. A Squeezer separates the liquid from the solid in a stainless steel storage tank. The final stage is the separating of the solid and liquid products.

A fishmeal production line is essential for livestock farming. This product is a vital part of livestock feed. Its main use is for pigs, chickens, and cattle.

As a by-product of fish processing, it contains low-grade amounts of oil. Therefore, it is ideal for feeding animals. While it is not an ideal food source for humans, fishmeal can be used as a supplement in many food products.

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Blog: Fish Meal Production Line

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Blog: Fish Meal Production Line