1. What is a Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Fish feed extruder machine belongs to feed pelletizing equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses the pellets of crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk.

Fish Feed Extruder Machine

2. How does a Fish Feed Extruder Work

The fish feed extruder uses mechanical energy to convert heat energy to provide kinetic energy. It is usually pushed by the unequal distance non-standard screw system of the extruder.

The gas in the material is discharged and quickly filled by the material. The material is affected by the shearing force.

Reflux is generated, increasing the pressure in the machine chamber, and then at the same time the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy through the friction of the material in the chamber, so that the material becomes a gel state with flow properties.

When the material is squeezed to the outlet, the pressure changes from a high pressure instantaneously Change to normal pressure, from high temperature to normal temperature instantaneously, causing water to evaporate from the tissue structure quickly.

With the friction between the stack and the machine chamber, the materials are fully mixed, squeezed, heated, glued, and gelatinized to produce tissue Change, the original structure is destroyed, so that countless microporous structures are formed inside, and then through the cutting device, the fish feed is formed by cutting and cooling.

3. What is Feed Extrusion

The main function of the fish feed extruder is to expand the fish feed, which can make the fish feed larger and looser after processing.

The main purpose of the fish feed extruder is to expand the fish feed. The expansion in the extrusion cavity is actually a high-temperature instantaneous process.

It plays a very good role in the processing of fish feed raw materials. Fish feed is usually extruded. After that, a “popcorn” state will be formed.

Not only the physical state such as the appearance has changed, but also the molecular structure of the internal organic matter has also changed, making the starch more digestible and the protein easier to use.

The extruded fish feed has its unique advantages:

1. Improve the palatability of fish feed

After the fish feed is extruded, the flavor and palatability increase, which can stimulate the appetite of animals.

2. Improved fish feed digestibility

After the fish feed is extruded, the degree to which the long-chain structure of organic matter such as protein and fat becomes short-chain structure increases, so it becomes more digestible.

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4. Which is Better Floating or Sinking Pellets

The floating fish food and the sinking food have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The floating food is generally extruded material, which is suitable for the upper fish.

The sinking fish food is clinker, which is easily sucked away by the filter system.

There is no difference between floating and sinking fish food. It is usually selected according to the eating habits of the fish.

Generally, the floating food is puffed and the sinking is matured.

It should be noted that if there is a filter at the bottom of the fish tank, the sinking feed is easily sucked away, so it is only suitable for feeding the floating feed.

Generally, the feed must be clean and hygienic, and the live bait must be disinfected.

At the same time, the size of the feed should be appropriate to prevent the fish from getting into the mouth.

In addition, make sure that it is rich in nutrients and easy to store to prevent it from going bad and moldy.

1. Clean and hygienic:

For fish, most of the diseases in feeding come in from the mouth, so we must pay attention to the clean and hygienic feed.

If it is artificial feed, it is very safe without special treatment, but if it is fed live bait, there will inevitably be bacteria and parasites in it, and it needs to be sterilized before feeding.

2. Suitable size:

different types of fish have different sizes, so pay attention to the size of the feed. If the feed is too small, the fish cannot be seen, and if the feed is too large, it cannot be swallowed.

In addition, the feed should be kept in its original shape within a day when it is put into the water.

Don’t use feed that is scattered after the water has entered, otherwise it will pollute the water quality.

3. Sufficient nutrition:

if the nutrition of the fish feed is insufficient, it will also be reflected in the growth of the fish. If the nutrition is single and the taste is general, the fish is easy to be picky.

If a variety of nutrients can be added, the fish will grow more robustly, and the disease will be much less, and it will also help its color development.

4. Convenient storage:

Another problem with fish food is how to store it. Artificial feed needs to pay attention to its shelf life.

If it is a homemade feed, it is best not to make too much, and the excess can be placed in the freezer layer of the refrigerator after it is done. Keep it, but don’t leave it for too long.

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Blog: fish feed extruder machine

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Blog: fish feed extruder machine