An industrial pasta making machine is very reliable, powerful and complete. It can be used in an automatic line and has double bowls and removable mixing trees. It features a scroll speed that is adjustable with an inverter.

It also has features such as head cooling and cutting. Optional features may include a refrigerator and a freezer.

These features make industrial pasta machines an excellent choice for commercial kitchens.

Listed below are the features of an industrial pasta machine.

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Noodle press machine

A good pasta press machine will help you produce all types of fresh and dried pasta, including lasagna, stuffed gnocchi, and sheets.

Its design includes double mixing tanks, a single or adjustable scroll speed, a head cooling function, and optional refrigeration.

The machine can be installed in an automatic line for even more versatility. For more information, contact an ITALGI representative. These machines are reliable, complete, and powerful.

A high-quality dough must be produced in a vacuum-conditioned room. The removal of air from the product improves glassiness and roughness, and prevents darkening.

The installation of filtering mesh and grate is individually designed for each extrusion die. This ensures correct length and shape.

The process of drying pasta requires a low-temperature setting, which reduces the risk of cracking thick-walled pastas.

A good pasta machine will also adjust the thickness of noodles, allowing the chef to make long and ribbon-cut lasagna noodles, macaroni tubes, and more.

You can choose from an electric pasta press or a manual crank model, depending on your production needs and desired product shape.

Some stores sell specialty spaetzle makers and roll-out circle cutters that can create dumplings and pierogies.

However, the most important factor in choosing a pasta press is the size of your factory and the quality of the product.

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Continuous cycle press kneader

The PriomatikTM continuous cycle press kneader is a high-performance machine for processing coarse semolina particles.

Its unique design enables optimum hydration and dough formation.

Buhler offers two ways of producing perfect dough: the traditional Priomatik(tm) press or the Polymatik(tm) press.

Both presses have a scale and weigh the raw materials, ensuring optimum development of the pasta structure.

This industrial pasta making machine is complete and powerful, suitable for producing different formats of fresh pasta, including long and short sheets, and can be fitted to an automatic line.

The machine has double mixing bowls, removable mixing trees, adjustable scroll speed with inverter, and cutting and drying features.

The machine can also be equipped with a refrigerator.

Once the dough is ready, it can be stored in the stabilizer and sent to a packing area or sold as finished products.

This continuous cycle press kneader is suitable for pasta making businesses.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art air distribution screens and optimally sized fans.

It is characterized by a distinctive curved shape and high processing capacities.

The C-line(tm) short cut pasta dryer has an independent belt-speed control that increases flexibility in adjusting cutting length and layer depth.

The C-line’s optimal air distribution and heat insulation allow for efficient floor space utilization.

Continuous cycle press

This continuous-cycle pasta making machine is suitable for producing different formats of fresh pasta, such as noodles, sheets, macarcheroni, and lasagna.

These machines are suitable for drying pasta as well, and are also useful for producing different shapes of pasta, including ravioli and cannelloni.

Its self-lubricating bearings and moving parts make it easy to operate, and it is highly customizable.

Moreover, its versatile design enables it to produce pasta with any desired thickness and shape.

It is equipped with an automatic cylinder that forms cold rolled sheets, and feeds them into shaping machines.

Its high-quality construction features, including a multi-stage coaxial gearmotor, and sealed bearings for long-term durability and complete cleaning.

The machine can also be combined with other machines, such as elevating mixers, continuous mixers, and manual machines.

Once the dough is rolled, it can be directly fed into shaping machines, or can be pre-rolled and fed into them.

The Continuous Cycle Pasta Making Machine is an ideal machine for high-quality industrial production.

It features a continuous cycle extruder that produces both long and short pasta.

The machine is built from stainless steel, and the removable extrusion cylinder is food-safe bronze.

It can produce 200 kg per hour of pasta.

The PS 200DV pasta machine is also available in stainless steel, with caster wheels for easy mobility.

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