While there are many different types of tumblers, most rely on the same basic principle: a tumbling drum to apply seasoning to snacks. The proper design will ensure uniform seasoning coverage on all the snack foods while minimizing product breakage.

A properly designed tumbler will have several features that make it ideal for different product applications. Here are some of the main advantages of a tumbler for seasoning. They include a variable geometry, inclination angle, and lifting flight.

This device can produce a variety of flavors for snack food products. Some of these flavors include barbecue, cheese, sour cream, and onion.

These flavorings are applied by sprinkling salt and other seasonings on the product’s surface, and it can be used to add a sour or vinegar taste to any product. Typically, a drum seasoning tumbler will produce a variety of products.

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Another benefit of a drum seasoning tumbler is the possibility of using a wide variety of materials. The lower roll 142 will usually be made of durable material, while the upper roll will be constructed of a more conventional material.

These materials are highly durable and can be easily cleaned. The rolls 140, 142 will be able to handle a wide range of product sizes. Generally, this type of seasoning tumbler can be made of a variety of materials.

A rotary drum is a good option if you are producing several different snack food products. The seasoning applied is uniform and evenly spread. In addition to being versatile, the tumbling drum incorporates an auger to rotate the seasoning powder in the desired amount.

A good quality tumbling drum will have multiple uses in snack food processing. A rotary drum is an excellent choice for this purpose. So what’s the drawback? It may not be able to handle the high volume of snack foods.

The variable geometry seasoning tumbler is another type of device that is great for adding seasoning to large quantities of snack foods. Because of its adjustable upper and lower rolls, this machine can be adjusted to meet the needs of different snack foods.

This versatile unit also features a compact design and has a high reliability rating. Unlike other types of drums, these devices also come with a patented rotating tumbling mechanism.

A drum seasoning tumbler is a popular choice for snack food producers. These machines can be used for various purposes. They can be used to season fried foods, mix sauces, and even cover nuts.

The rotor’s elliptical path will make it ideal for coating nuts and other snack foods. Depending on the type of product being processed, a rotary drum seasoning machine will have a wide variety of uses.

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A drum seasoning tumbler can be used for a variety of products. During production, the tumbling bed can be adjusted to meet the needs of the product. This tumbling bed will also allow you to customize the type of snack foods you are producing.

The tumbling bed is adjustable to suit the needs of the manufacturer. In order to achieve the best results, you need to know the exact parameters of your production.

The drum seasoning tumbler comprises an adjustable inclination and tilt. The inclination and slope are the two primary components of the machine. The tilting mechanism is a mechanical component that allows a product to be tumbling for a longer period of time.

It allows the product to be introduced to the tumbling area farther along the belt, which is advantageous for the tumbling time of the snack food.

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The inclination of the tumbling bed can be adjusted by moving the top roll 140 forward relative to the bottom roll 142. A high inclination will result in a shallower tumbling bed and reduce the risk of breakage.

The inclination also affects the tumbling time, so a lower inclination will result in less breakage. In addition, the belt 150 is adjustable to the height of the product.

The inclination of the tumbling bed is determined by the vertical separation between the rolls. The inclination of the tumbling beds can be varied by moving the roll 140 forward relative to the other.

By adjusting the inclination of the tumbling bed, a uniform tumbling surface will be achieved, and this process can be carried out in one line. Achieving the optimal inclination level for the product depends on the specific requirements.

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