A Dri-Air hopper dryer can be the answer to your drying problems. The CAHM-2 features a full length sight glass, an accessible door, and a super-fine filter. The CAHM series also comes with a three-year warranty, a blank feed throat adapter, and an easy-to-clean stainless steel hopper.

The CAHM-2 dryer is available in two capacities: 30 and 150 lbs/hr.

The machine is perfect for long-run applications and includes a slide gate and a blank feed throat adapter.

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Dri-Air hopper dryers have a wide range of sizes and quantities to meet your drying needs. The crystalizing system allows the resin to be dried and crystalized in one step.

The Dri-Air PD Series comes with an Industry 4.0-ready design and offers a three-year warranty.

For more information, visit dri-air.com/products. para: The PD Series dryer eliminates the need for desiccant power packs and loading systems.

The dry air conveying system can communicate with other equipment in the cell.

Unlike a traditional desiccant dryer, a Dri-Air hopper dryer can function autonomously.

The Dri-Air dual-hopper dryer is a self-contained system that uses compressed air to dry materials. These units can dry several materials at the same time.

With a temperature range of 70 to 350 degrees, the CAHM is capable of achieving low dewpoints and dehumidified air.

With a dehumidified compressed air source, the CAHM is self-contained and can be easily cleaned.

The Dri-Air hopper dryer is an ideal solution for crystallizing various materials. The flexibility of the Dri-Air system makes it an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Its closed-loop dry-air recirculation system allows for multiple batch drying and crystallization at the same time.

The AHM-2-4 is available in two different sizes, with a four-bed desiccant system and a swing clamp.

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The Dri-Air hopper dryer is an excellent choice for dry resin pellets. The hopper dryer can be used to dry materials with different types of materials.

The most common applications of the hopper dryer include drying large containers, hygroscopic substances, and other materials.

Its high-performance features will ensure that the finished product is consistently dried. For more information, contact us at driairhopperdryer.

The Mini-PD portable dryer eliminates press mounted drying hoppers and has a compact design. Its compact design allows it to be staged outside the molding area.

It is also easy to maintain and plugs into a single-phase 110 or 220 volt outlet. A mini-HD is the ideal choice for small-presses with low throughput.

A Dri-Air hopper dryer is a versatile, reliable, and flexible piece of equipment for molding production.

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The DH-HD is an excellent choice for smaller molds and can be staged outside of the molding area. Its compact design eliminates the need for press-mounted drying hoppers.

The DH-HD is compatible with all types of molds and allows rapid material changeovers. The PD is equipped with a central conveying system and a high-capacity hopper bank.

A Dri-HD is a high-quality appliance that has the potential to improve the performance of any kitchen. Its central control panel simplifies installation by requiring only one connection for air and power.

The DHHD can also be customized to your specifications, which is essential if you want to customize your dri-air hopper dryer. This multi-functional piece of equipment has many benefits.

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