A double ribbon blender is a versatile machine that blends and mixes different types of solids in a single pass. The ribbons of a mixer are usually made up of many ingredients with various particle shapes. This makes it essential to achieve a thorough blending without damaging the delicate materials.

This type of equipment is often the preferred choice for mixing different powders, which have very different density characteristics. Hence, the size and design of the agitator are critical factors to consider when selecting a mixer.

The drive arrangement of a ribbon blender varies from one supplier to another. A single-piece motor reducer, also called a gearmotor, is a more efficient choice than a belt drive. A belt drive relies on flexible belts and pulleys to propel the blades through the vessel.

This type of operation is not only less efficient, but it also limits the lifetime of the motor. A dual-drive model is a great option for a small lab that needs to process a large number of samples and is ideal for applications where high-volume production is needed.

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A dual-drive double ribbon blender is a versatile machine that can mix liquids and solids. The double-ribbon trough is 5 long, four feet wide and four feet high.

Its modern packing glands and 6-inch center bottom discharge gate valve are convenient features, and it comes with controls to operate the machine. It is ideal for dry and wet mixing. The double-ribbon trough has a low discharge height and a compact design.

The size and capacity of a double-ribbon blender are critical factors for its efficiency. This mixer is made of stainless steel and has adjustable, angled and multi-blade agitator.

It has two speeds and is available in pneumatic and mechanical versions. Depending on the materials and the purpose, it is the right machine for your laboratory. This is an excellent option if you need to prepare and blend a large volume of solids.

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The double-ribbon blender is useful for coating solid particles with a minor ingredient. The minor component is usually a liquid or is very small. Regardless of the type of material, a ribbon blender is the perfect choice.

You can choose between single-ribbon and dual-ribbon designs. If you need more than one blade, the double-ribbon blender is the right choice for you. It is ideal for wet or dry mixing.

The drive arrangement of a double-ribbon blender varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The one-ribbon mixer is typically made of stainless steel and has a trough that is 5 feet long by 4 feet wide and 4 feet high.

The trough has modern packing glands and a 4″ diameter center bottom discharge gate valve. It is fitted on a short stand for a 7-inch discharge height. If you need a smaller or larger machine, consider a Strong Scott 60-cf. Stainless steel ribbon blender with a single-ribbon agitator.

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The drive arrangement of a double-ribbon blender varies from one manufacturer to another. A single-ribbon blender has a single-ribbon structure that allows the blades to be rotated independently of one another.

It is also capable of mixing dry and wet solid materials. For this reason, a double-ribbon mixer is a great choice for many applications. So, if you are looking for a high-quality, durable mixer, you can look no further than a Double-ribbon design!

The trough of a Double-ribbon blender is five inches long by four feet wide. Its trough measures five feet long by four feet high.

The unit is equipped with modern packing glands and a full cover. It comes with a vacuum port for dust collection. The top of the trough is a 7-inch diameter and it has a trough that is 5 long by four feet high.

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The drive of a Double-ribbon blender is the ideal choice for the mixing of dry, free-flowing solids. It is ideal for applications that require a high amount of horsepower, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

The “U-shaped” mixing trough in this type of mixer is very efficient and economical. It has a wide range of features, which makes it a good choice for industrial applications.

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