There are many different aspects of a Doritos corn chips making machine, but here are some of the most important considerations: Grains, Extruders, and Ingredients. Let’s talk about the production line to see which one suits you best.

You can also skip the packaging machine, if you’re selling in bulk. Then, you can purchase a frying/baking machine.

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The twin screw extruder for Doritos corn chips is suitable for producing these crunchy, puffed snacks from wheat flour, potato powder, and cornflour.

It features a rotating mold that twists the cornflour before extrusion. The die aperture controls the product’s shape and size.

Extruders for doritos corn chips making machine can produce different shapes, including rectangular, square, and oval.

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A Doritos corn chip production line is an automatic potato chip manufacturing machine. In addition to chips, the machine is able to produce tortillas, screws, and puffed snacks.

It uses corn flour powder or other grain powder as its raw material.

It then cooks the mixture in various shapes to create crispy bugles. There are two types of extruders: single screw and twin screw.

The machine is easy to operate and features a simple design.

The high-quality Doritos Corn Chips Fried Bugle Making Machine is an industrial-grade equipment that uses total wheat flour and other grain powder to create crispy snack foods.

The finished snack food is crispy and delicious.

The Doritos corn chip production line has a continuous feeding system, which makes it easy to operate.

It also features an automatic flattening and leveling process that yields uniform thickness and moderate density.

The machine also offers two-layer packaging.


The process of making doritos starts with dehydrating the corn. These are then deep-fat fried at 200degC for 20 s.

During this time, the potato chips lose about eight to ten percent of their original volume, and the resulting crispy corn snack increases in thickness.

There are various types of doritos corn chips making machines available on the market. Here is a list of the ingredients to look for in a doritos corn chips machine.

The Doritos corn chips making machine uses corn flour powder or other grains, a patented process.

This method is more effective and pollution-free. It produces crispy bugles of various shapes.

The machine can also process tortilla chips, crackers, and other granular snacks.

The advantages of this machine include its ease of use, reasonable price, and a variety of customization options.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with this type of machine.

Production line

A Doritos making machine can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of this popular snack.

It consists of a mixer, twin screw machine, fryer/baking machine, and cooling machine.

If you’re planning to sell your products in bulk, skip the packaging machine.

You’ll need a blender to mix cornflour and water, and a double screw machine to create a uniform, high-quality batter.

After the batter is prepared, the setting machine forms the various shapes of Doritos.

Then, the fryer/baker bakes them and reheats them until they reach a crisp texture.

The internal parts of the Doritos corn chip making machine are a key part of the entire process, so it is important to properly maintain them.

You can extend their lifespan by regularly cleaning the machine and the parts that use them.

The machine’s heat-treated rollers and conveyors may become extremely brittle with time, so lubrication is important.

The heating process also affects the accessories.


If you’re looking to start your own business, a Doritos corn chip making machine can help you make this delicious snack.

This type of food processing machinery is made of stainless steel and can produce up to 500kg per hour.

The machine is incredibly easy to use and comes with many different options for raw materials.

Some of the most common raw materials include wheat flour and corn starch. However, you may also use rice flour or vegetable oil.

And while you might think that you’ll only need a basic machine, it is surprisingly affordable!

If you’d like to have a snack-making business, you can make a lot of money selling these machines.

In addition to their convenience, you’ll also save on operating expenses and time because the machine can do all of the work for you.

This machine is able to make all different shapes of corn chips, and can be used with a variety of different ingredients, including rice powder, corn powder, and wheat flour.

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