The Doritos Corn Chips Fried Bugle Making Machine ensures uniform puffed size and consistent crispness. This machine also has internal components that make it work smoothly and efficiently. Its continuous processing speeds up the wearing process of the parts, so it’s essential to lubricate it properly to reduce wear and extend service life.

Despite these advantages, the Doritos production line has some drawbacks and limitations.

In comparison, the Ainuok crispy rice crust machine line produces two layers of packaging.

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Flow chart of a Doritos corn chip fried bugle making machine

The production of Doritos chips requires a reliable potato chip making machine. It is designed to produce various types of granular snacks such as Doritos and tortilla chips.

Apart from potato chips, the Doritos production line is also used for the production of screws, tortillas and puffed snacks.

The Doritos corn chip making machine uses a combination of corn flour and other grains powder as the raw material.

It also uses the double screw extrusion technique to produce a crispier bugle. There are certain limitations, but the machine is simple and reasonable to operate.

The fully automatic Doritos Corn Chips Fried Bugle Making Machine uses a twin-screw extruder to make various shapes of snacks.

Its multi-function shaping machine will produce various shapes, such as fish, triangles, or ducks.

The finished product is then labeled and packaged for sale. It can produce both triangle-shaped and rectangular-shaped snacks.

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Features of the machine

This Doritos Corn Chips Fried Bugle Making Machine uses corn flour powder as the raw materials. It cooks the raw materials to crispiness, expanding them into different shapes.

This machine can also produce other kinds of fried snacks, like nachos and potato chips.

Although this machine is quite expensive, it can be beneficial for you if you wish to manufacture snacks for your family and friends.

The process of frying bugsles can be quite complicated, and a machine designed for this purpose is recommended for this purpose.

The whole process takes longer than normal frying, but the end product will be delicious.

Besides, it can produce a variety of shapes and flavors.

The machine’s frying process will produce various shapes and colors, and it is ideal for people who love eating snacks.

Heating methods

The heating methods of the Doritos corn chips frying bugle making machine are very important for the successful production of this delicious snack.

Depending on your taste, there are different heating methods available in the market.

For example, you can choose a method based on the shape and thickness of the finished products.

However, you should be aware of the disadvantages of using this method.

The Doritos production line is capable of frying bugs in different shapes and sizes. The material used in the machine is total wheat flour or other grain powder.

There are two types of extruders in this machine: the twin screw type and the double screw version.

The twin screw type of the machine is quite convenient because it does not produce pollution and is highly efficient.

It also works on different shapes and sizes of Doritos. However, there are also some disadvantages to using this type of machine.

Ingredients used

The main ingredient of doritos corn chips is corn powder. The other ingredients are water, vegetable oil, salt, and salt.

A bugle making machine uses a combination of these ingredients to produce the crispy snack. The finished product is crisp and delicious.

A Doritos corn chip making machine can be operated continuously and is fed with raw materials in continuous cycles.

The machine automatically flattens and levels the finished product, achieving a uniform thickness and moderate leveling density.

The Doritos corn chip making machine can be used to make all kinds of granular snacks. It also has the capacity to produce tortillas, screws, and other puffed snacks.

The machine uses corn flour powder or other grain powder as the raw material. Then, it cooks the snack into a variety of shapes.

There are twin screw and single screw versions of the machine. Both are easy to operate and feature reasonable designs.


A Doritos corn chip making machine can help you make the crispy and delicious snacks at your home.

Besides using cornflour and water as the main ingredients, this machine also uses other grains powder as an alternative to wheat flour.

Its double-screw extrusion technique can produce the crispy and delicious snacks with minimal oil.

It uses a double-screw extrusion process instead of traditional steam booling and can produce various shapes and sizes.

These machines are also equipped with many advanced features including zero pollution, high efficiency, and a wide range of flavors.

This Doritos Corn Chips Fried Bugle Making Machine follows the latest technology to make crispy, delicious snacks from corn powder.

The machine uses a food extruder machine to cook the raw materials at high temperatures and pressure.

The semi-product is then fried in a frying machine and packaged for sale.

The machine can produce several types of snacks, such as triangle-shaped Doritos, white Doritos, and other types of puffed foods.

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