If you’re looking for a machine to make potato chips, you’ve come to the right place. Integra Saratoga is a great choice, made of stainless steel and equipped with a vacuum nitrogen packaging system.

This machine uses healthy oils to fry and coat potato chips. You can also opt for a packaging machine that automatically packs a set amount of chips into each package.

The benefits of a packaging machine are obvious: it can protect the product, increase its shelf life, and make transportation easy.

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Integra Saratoga is a crispy chips machine

The Integra Saratoga is a world-class, high-speed French fry machine. It reaches a maximum frying temperature of 450°F in just 35 seconds, producing crisp, delicious French fries.

The Saratoga combines superior processing technology and mechanical skills to make french fries of any quality and thickness, in under a minute.

Its speed and quality are unmatched. It will be the talk of the town.

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It is made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a material that is durable and easy to clean. This is a must for any potato chip maker.

Stainless steel machines are made of high-grade stainless steel, which provides a high level of performance.

Furthermore, they are corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, the machine is also easy to use and clean.

Its hygienic design makes cleaning a breeze. You can even customize the machine according to your preferences.

This stainless steel potato chips frying machine is a continuous frying machine. It can continuously fry potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, or other vegetables, with the same high quality.

The stainless steel body and food-grade ABS chips cutter make this machine an excellent choice for any potato chips manufacturing facility.

This machine can also produce other types of fried snacks, such as sweet potato and cassava chips, since it has a built-in slagging and heating system.

It can also be adjusted for frying time. The machine uses an oil-water mixed frying technology and an automatic filtering system.

It has a vacuum nitrogen packaging system

Nitrogen filling package is a method of keeping foods fresh by exchanging oxygen for inert gas.

The process of filling nitrogen can be performed manually or through a vacuum packaging machine.

This process starts with the lid of the nitrogen chamber. A nitrogen gas cylinder is then placed inside the chip bag.

The sealing process involves adjusting the sealing temperature and time. The resultant package is mold and insect-free.

It has a high shelf life and is convenient for storage.

Another method is to use a double chamber potato chip packaging machine.

This machine features double chambers, which increase the working efficiency. The stainless steel exterior and four connecting rods make operation convenient.

The vacuum nitrogen packaging machine can be used in multiple industries.

It can be used to pack various products such as fried snacks, puffed food, medicine, and solid powder. It is also suited for mass production.

It uses healthy oils to fry and coat potato chips

To prepare these crispy treats, you will need oil. Ideally, it will be a mixture of olive oil and vegetable oil. However, you can also use sunflower oil, which contains vitamin E.

However, keep in mind that it will not be crisp after being fried at high temperatures. Olive oil is also a great choice, as it is a natural source of mono and polyunsaturated fats, but only contains about 14% saturated fats.

When choosing the right oil, consider its smoke point. Oil with a high smoke point is good, because it will withstand the high temperatures used for frying.

This will keep the natural flavor of fries intact. It is important to store unopened containers in dark cabinets, and never in the pantry, because light will ruin it.

If you decide to re-use the same oil, make sure to store it in the refrigerator, since room temperature corn oil will spoil easily.

It has a mesh belt for washing potatoes

The materials hoister of a Crispy chips machine uses a stainless steel pipe and a 2mm thick helical blade to wash potatoes. The high-pressure fan drive system ensures that the potatoes are washed thoroughly without over-washing.

It is a good choice for continuous washing and can be easily integrated with the production line. The stainless steel mesh belt is able to pick up burnt or unpeeled potatoes and can even collect the oil.

A mesh belt for washing potatoes can help to remove any loose seasonings. This machine is also equipped with an electric heating tube. The fan and the heat generated by the heating tube force hot air to the inner portion of the oven.

A mesh belt is fitted at the bottom and rotates uniformly at a consistent speed. Potato chips placed on the belt are sent from the entrance to the inner oven and discharged out of the other end of the tunnel.

It increases shelf life

A crispy chips machine has several advantages. Not only does it increase shelf life, but it also keeps them fresh and crunchy. The machine’s nitrogen gas fill prevents oxidation, which degrades chips over time.

Without nitrogen gas, chips can break down quickly and spoil on store shelves. Nitrogen also prevents bacteria from growing.

This makes the chips crispy and delicious even when they’re on the go. But what’s the downside?

Once the dough is mixed in the machine, it’s transferred to a sub-feeder. A central processing unit code instructs the machine how many chips are needed to fill each bag.

This filling process must prevent air from getting into the bag, or the chips could break off and fall out. Many manufacturers use nitrogen to prevent air from entering the bag.

The bagged chips are then conveyed to a collator.

Finally, they’re hand-packed into cartons.

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