If you are in the market for a corn chip making machine, then you have many different options to choose from. There are a number of different companies that manufacture corn chip making machines, but you will probably find that JC Ford, Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery, Ainuok Machinery, and Stoneless Masa mills are the most common types.

You can also look into a Stainless steel extruder if you’re more concerned with the quality of your finished product.

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JC Ford

Founded nearly 80 years ago, JC Ford is a corn chip manufacturing machine manufacturer that supplies high-speed corn tortilla chip lines to companies like General Mills, Frito-Lay, Tyson Foods, and Taco Bell.

A new $2 million line is on its way to Dallas-based tortilla retailer Ole Mexican Foods.

JC Ford makes most parts in-house and says the company spent a year reconditioning each piece to ensure it was in good condition.

The company will announce the exact details in about three weeks.

JC Ford is the world’s leading maker of corn tortilla making machinery. Their machines can produce anywhere from 1,000 to 8,000 products per hour, depending on the model.

They are also used by Frito-Lay, Tyson Foods, and General Mills. These companies are responsible for some of the world’s most popular snack chips, including Doritos.

JC Ford recently announced that it will expand its Columbia, Missouri, manufacturing facility by 90,000 square feet. Once finished, the facility is expected to be fully staffed by August.

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Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery

In India, Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery is a leading manufacturer of snack food equipment. They offer a wide range of color packaging and pneumatic bagging machines for producing a variety of snack foods.

This company offers end-to-end solutions for snack food manufacturing, including designs, automation, and flavoring systems.

Grace uses advanced technology and R & D to design and manufacture machines that meet the needs of diverse snack food industries.

Hyway manufacturer’s fryers feature low oil volumes, continuous fine oil filtration, precision flipping arrangement, de-oiling, flavoring, and conveying to packing machines.

Its fryer includes a top hood, takeout belt, and day oil tank. A stainless steel 304 oil tank is provided for storing the entire oil in the system. Hyway machines are highly durable, easy to operate, and require minimal maintenance.

Ainuok Machinery

Founded in 2010, Anyang Ainuok Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is specialised in the research, development, production and sales of Bone Grinder, Mixer Machine, Extruder Machine, Seasoning Machine and Industrial Dryer for more than 10 years.

We have got quality certifications of ISO9001, SGS, and CE etc. Machine color, logo, design, package, carton mark, manual etc can be customized!

With a production ability of 5000 sets per month, AINUOK is the largest crusher and pellet factory in China.

Bone Grinder, Mixer Machine, Extruder Machine, Seasoning Machine and Industrial Dryer have been exported to England, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam etc 120 countries and districts.

Warmly welcome clients at home and abroad to visit Ainuok company.

Stoneless Masa mill

A manufacturer of stoneless masa corn chip making machines can supply many benefits. The AC Horn Masa Mill is world-class, delivering high speed and durability.

The Nihard alloy grinding plate is able to process up to 10 million pounds of masa before replacement.

By contrast, other masa mill manufacturers use stone plates or aluminum oxide mill plates, which require constant adjustment to achieve an even grind.

The AC Horn stoneless mill eliminates these problems and can produce a consistent, uniform product every time.

The production process begins with the creation of coarse masa. This is typically made from 2.5 to three liters of water, one kilogram of 12 percent moist corn, and 0.01 kg of food-grade lime.

This masa mixture is then heated using steam, then pumped onto a conveyor belt for transport to the grinding chamber.

Once the masa solution has reached the proper consistency, it is then ready for the next step, making tortilla chips.

Stainless steel extruder

Stainless steel extruder for corn chip manufacturing machine can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of corn chips. In addition to corn powder, it can also be used for making different types of snack foods.

The machine also allows for using different materials like wheat flour and rice powder on the chips. Here are the pros and cons of a Stainless steel extruder for corn chip making machine.

The pros include a high-quality stainless steel extruder, a robust construction, and a high output rate.

It comes with an electric control panel and a speed-adjustable converter on the feeding, extrusion, and cutting systems.

Moreover, a stainless steel twin screw feeding machine ensures stable feeding of materials. In addition, a high-quality engine with inverter control is used.

The redactor and shaft are made of high-quality steel and are treated using the latest bending method. Spirals are made of the best metals and attached by a line to the extruder structure.

Quality control aspects of tortilla chip production

To ensure that tortilla chips remain crisp and fresh, quality control measures are a necessity.

Major parameters that need to be monitored during the production process include the temperature and relative humidity of corn silos, cooking and quenching times, and steeping and cooling periods.

In addition to these factors, the packaging of the chips should also be in accordance with food safety standards. A bagging machine automatically weighs the tortilla chips and deposits them in moisture-proof bags.

Corn and tortilla chips are the two most popular corn-based products worldwide. Tortilla chips are typically baked before being fried, and they absorb less oil than corn chips. The result is a crispier, more alkaline texture and flavor.

Moisture content is critical for the texture of the chips, as it determines the shelf-life. Typical tortilla chip manufacturing methods include a wet corn milling process, followed by the addition of water to produce masa dough.

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