When setting up a corn chip making machine factory, you must consider several factors, including Stainless steel construction, High-speed equipment, and Processes. You also need to think about Quality control aspects of the process.

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High speed, durable equipment

Extruded corn chips are higher in WSI than conventionally packed ones. This reflects their better mouthmelt and textural properties.

An extruder is the perfect solution to maximize production while maintaining uniformity.

High-speed steel rollers are also durable and provide high-volume continuous production.

Unlike hand-pulled tortillas, which break easily and lose flavor, extruded corn chips can withstand high-stress conditions and still retain the taste and appearance of the product.

A good tortilla chip production line will cut costs in raw materials, labor, and electricity.

The equipment is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. It can process corn chips, other nuts, pellets, and churros.

With its flexibility and low-maintenance requirements, a corn chip production line will help your business expand and increase profits.

However, you should consider the following factors before investing in a corn chip production line.

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Stainless steel construction

The stainless steel construction of corn chip making machines is one of the key features of this machine. Its twin-screw feeding mechanism guarantees stable material feeding throughout the food production process.

The automatic lubrication system extends the life of the gears. The stainless steel construction of the chip making machine factory will help you to maximize the productivity of your factory.

To ensure the durability of the machine, it is preferably made of food grade stainless steel.

The stainless steel construction of a corn chip making machine factory provides durability and a hygienic environment.

It has all the necessary features for dependable production. This machine is flexible enough to process corn chips, other nuts, pellets, churros, and a variety of other snack foods.

A well-designed machine will help you meet the growing demands of your market. Here are some of the features to look out for when purchasing a corn chip making machine factory.

Processes involved

The processes involved in corn chip making begin with the treatment of the processed corn kernels. The kernels are loosened and the husks penetrated with lime.

The corn is then ground into a dough, which is normally made from finely comminuted dry material and liquids, shortenings, and flavors. The process is called “sheeting,” and it is crucial to understand the process completely.

The first stage in corn chip production involves the preparation of the corn. This includes making masa, which is a flour-like material, and formation.

This is required to produce various corn-based products, such as tortilla chips, corn chips, taco shells, tostadas, and tortillas.

Once the masa is formed, it must undergo the next steps in order to form the chips. These steps will ensure that the chips are ready for the market.

The next process involves the extrusion of masa. This involves the use of a horizontal hydraulic piston to force masa containing at least 52% moisture through a 90-degree forming die. The die can be interchanged for custom shapes.

Once the extrusion process is complete, the masa is discharged into the oven for baking.

Once it is done cooking, the chips are packaged. During the final stage, the masa goes through the packaging process.

Quality control aspects of tortilla chip production

Achieving crispy chips is possible through quality control. To ensure quality, the major parameters in the production process are temperature and relative humidity of corn silos.

Other critical parameters include the amount of time used to cook, quench, and steep corn. These parameters are crucial in ensuring the freshness of tortilla chips.

Listed below are some of the quality control aspects in tortilla chip production. Listed below are some examples of problems that may occur when quality is compromised.

Corn-based chips are the most common type of snack food in the world. Traditional tortilla chips are made from whole kernel corn and steeped in a lime solution overnight.

This cooking-steeping process softens the outer hull and partially gelatinizes the starch present in the endosperm of corn. The resultant corn, known as masa, is then washed to remove the outer hull.

The remaining portion of the corn is called masa and contains up to 50% moisture.

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