When looking for a corn chip machine, consider the speed and durability of the equipment. An extruder allows for the highest production rate while indirect-fired fryers have lower operational costs.

You may also want to consider the cost of an inline fryer, which can cost more than a traditional one but has lower operational costs.

The following paragraphs will describe some factors that may influence the corn chip machine price.

You should also consider the quality and functionality of the machine.

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High speed, durable equipment for making corn tortillas and chips

The demand for efficient equipment is growing at an impressive rate. A decade ago, tortilla manufacturers didn’t think about accuracy or production efficiency. Now, tortilla producers must invest in the latest technologies that improve accuracy and production efficiency.

This equipment includes automatic quality control and counter/stackers that help improve productivity and reduce labor costs. High speed lines can produce tens of thousands of tortillas per hour.

Moreover, they can produce tortillas that meet labeling requirements and maintain high productivity levels.

The high-speed corn tortilla machine comprises a feeding and forming module that feeds and forms dough, and a cooking module that uses three endless metal bands and a fan to cook the product.

A conveyor and an air retaining section 30 are mounted on the base of the machine, and hot air is transported through the roller to the internal surfaces of the endless bands to cook the product.

The air from this air is then recovered through an air extraction duct.

A tortilla press is a must-have piece of equipment for creating a tortilla.

A commercial tortilla press is easily available and will take up minimal cabinet space. Besides, it is easy to use and inexpensive.

If you’re unsure about purchasing a tortilla press, you can fabricate one yourself.

A sturdy tortilla press will make your life easier and ensure the quality of your tortillas. A sturdy press will last for many years.

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Indirect-fired fryers are more expensive but have lower operational costs

An indirect-fired corn chip machine uses a process known as extrusion, where masa (ground nixtamal or dried masa fiber) is forced through a forming die at a temperature of 175degC.

The extrusion process exchanges water for oil, and the resulting masa pieces have a moisture content of 1% or less.

Another difference between indirect-fired and direct-fired corn chip machines is the amount of oil a single batch of chips contains. A conventional hot-fried corn chip contains about 36% oil.

The chips are placed in perforated wire type baskets for centrifugation, which removes some of the oil without damaging the preformed structure of the chip.

The resulting corn chips are less caloric, but they are less expensive than their regular counterparts. These chips are also cheaper than regular corn chips because corn chips made with oil are cheaper.

An indirect-fired corn chip machine has fewer operational costs and higher production capacities.

The main disadvantage of these chips is their taste. The burnt flavor of corn chips results from degradation of carotenoids in the frying process.

To combat this, many manufacturers add colors and flavors to the dough.

Unfortunately, this causes considerable flavor loss. Colors are added in a powder or oil spray after the chips are cooked.

Corn chip machine uses an extruder

A corn chip machine is a device that makes corn chips by forcing a masa mixture through an extrusion die plate.

The extruder is an essential part of a corn chip system, allowing for high volume production and uniformity.

It is capable of producing chips of varying sizes and shapes and can produce up to 900 kilograms of corn per hour. In addition, it can also form custom shapes.

The cooking of corn directly in the extruder saves energy and time, because the process removes steeping and cooking.

The resultant corn chips retain the flavor of fresh roasted corn, while the cooking and steeping processes result in a lime-soaked taste.

The extruder can be equipped with a fumigation package to ensure safety. Further, it can be used in any industry that processes food, including biodiesel production.

The temperature profile of the feed material can be adjusted to achieve the required texture and appearance.

The material entering the first extruder must be between 15deg C and 25deg C, while the final temperature should be 90-120deg C.

This temperature profile can be achieved with one or more extruders.

The overall temperature profile is critical for the success of an extrusion product.

Consequently, it is imperative that a corn chip machine has a good temperature profile.

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