The low-impact refining process of commercial chocolate machines helps maintain the nutritional value and shelf-life of the finished product. Parts and final product are stocked in the USA for short lead times and domestic shipping.

International shipping is available as well. Read on to learn more. We also stock spare parts and supplies to serve our international customers.

We provide you with the best chocolate-making machinery for your business.

If you are considering purchasing a commercial chocolate machine, read on to discover how it can help you succeed.

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Rapid Refiner

The Finer S is a patented energy-saving drive concept. This technology can increase productivity and reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

It features a stainless steel process zone with no cavities or edges, making it easy to clean between batches.

The Finer S is also capable of processing a wide variety of chocolate masses.

You can purchase a Finer S for your business and begin enjoying the benefits of this machine immediately.

The DCM Rapid Refiner is an upgrade for DCM melangers and enhances the productivity of granite stones by up to 30%.

Award-winning artisan chocolatiers throughout the world use this machine.

It features a heating and cooling mode to improve batch consistency and taste.

A pre-heating mode releases cocoa butter and increases fluidity.

The cooling mode reduces moisture content and helps disperse acetic acid and acrid compounds.

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Apex is a manufacturer of chocolate processing equipment and exhibits at major industry shows around the world.

The company has a variety of products to choose from, including conches, chocolate extruders, enrobing lines, molding lines, and more.

For more information, you can browse the website of Apex and contact a representative to request a quote.

To learn more, read on. The following information will help you make the right choice when choosing a chocolate-making machine for your business.

The Apex commercial chocolate machine is a great choice for any chocolate-making business.

It can produce as much chocolate as you want. This machine makes the process of producing chocolate products quick, convenient, and comprehensive.

You can find several different models in a variety of prices, depending on your budget and your desired functionality.

In addition, you can also purchase these machines from various companies. Make sure you research the company and find out how much they cost.

Fondue chocolate fountain machines

The 19″ Legend Commercial Chocolate Fountain features a four-tier rotating fountain tower that cascades the chocolate continuously.

The waterfall design allows many guests to dip food at the same time, enhancing the sense of togetherness and appetite.

Stainless steel construction is easy to maintain and enables it to be wiped down after use.

This fountain is also easy to clean. Depending on the model, it can hold up to four pounds of chocolate.

The popularity of the fondue fountain spread worldwide and the first commercial machines were sold to caterers and other businesses.

The invention of this chocolate fountain was made by Ben Brisman and popularized by the Canadian company Design & Realisation.

This company partnered with Jay Harlan, a former Marriott catering executive, to develop the machine.

The D & R fountain was soon copied by Buffet Enhancements International, a company that manufactures the American-made version of the popular international fountains.

Apex Rapid Refiner

The Apex Rapid Refiner is a versatile chocolate-making machine. Its dual functions include grinding, refining, and mixing.

Its unique design allows you to control the final texture and flavor of your chocolate.

It works with a wide range of ingredients, including cocoa powder, milk powder, and powdered sugar.

The thermocouple monitors internal temperature of the chocolate, ensuring it’s as close to perfect as possible.

The Rapid Refiner is designed for low-impact refining, preserving the nutritional value of the chocolate while preserving the product’s shelf life.

It’s also versatile for seed and nut butter production and helps eliminate problems with fat release and moisture content.

It uses UL and CE approved components, including a Thermocouple, which measures the internal temperature.

It also offers infrared readings, so you’ll know how hot or cold the chocolate is without having to worry about cross-contamination.

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